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Purposeful Self Talk

Study, as well, if you can, the concept of self talk. Be aware of the manner in which you talk to the self. For there is a need to obtain control over self-condemnation, and to develop self-worth, self-love, self-forgiveness, for you are already forgiven by the Christ. And it would do very well that you pray the prayer of acceptance of the Christ [written by Paul Solomon 2/15/88] as the control, the healer of your mind and body.

Ask! Talk from the heart and ask the Christ to become the Lord, the Master, the Ruler of your life, of your thoughts, of your attitudes and emotions. Set aside your belief that the Christ does not hear, for He does hear, listens, and loves! The torment that continues is from two sources: self's judgment of self from a position of fear and self-condemnation, and from the discomfort that is caused in the thinking processes by what we have referred to as allergies. The allergies are embodied karma.

And until the physical body is balanced, there will be difficulty managing the emotions, and the thinking of the mind, but there should be at least daily, and better several times daily, of a conversation with the Christ. Not in a begging, pleading kind of sense, but rather in affirming that you are commited to the Christ, that you seek to be a healer. Seek not for self. Ask not that you be relieved of your symptoms, or distress, but rather you be given the ability, the power, the focus, to be of service to others.

You must practice self-forgiveness, you must surrender beliefs that somehow you deserve punishment, or are destined for such. For one who has commited self to Christ is forgiven. One who has asked forgiveness, is forgiven. Then, ask, and forget it, for the forgiveness has come even as you ask. And when there is a feeling of doubt, ask again and affirm it again, and know this truth:

It is impossible to ask the forgiveness of God and not receive it. When you doubt that you have been forgiven, cleansed, made whole, it is your self doubt.

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