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Build the Perfect Relationship between the Source and Self

The purpose for entering into this lifetime was to build a perfect relationship with Source and self, not only for the self, but for imparting what you've learned to others. There is a specific key to be applied for this one which must be learned and learned well.

We will attempt to state it thus: that there is a Source from which you come. A creative, loving, and giving Source. An Intelligence that is the Source of the Mind of life. An Intelligence that is the Source of your mind. This creative Intelligence, innate within you, was responsible for the designing of your body as it is an instrument for completing your Karma, and the necessities to return in the cycles of Karma.

And in the perfection of building this instrument in which you have manifest, there are designed within the instrument these things which have been of some trouble to you, of weaknesses in the physical body, and a necessity for enduring these weaknesses. It is not that you might suffer a punishment, or even that it is an outgrowth of past failures in earlier times, but rather that you might understand the perfection of the building of the instrument that is your body and mind.

Now, this is the key that you must understand; that this loving Source, this designing Intelligence, has given to you a gift that is your mind, your body, even your personality, your character, and your inclination toward love of God and man. You must understand above all that this creative Intelligence did not do poorly in designing all that you are and has not given to you a poor gift.

Now, this is critical for the reason that there has been a tendency to grow up with a sense of self-condemnation, a sense of a lack of self-worth. The key that you might apply is the understanding that to feel any sense of inferiority concerning your body, mind, spirit, personality, abilities, talents, to find any fault with these is to express a lack of appreciation to the Creator of such a perfect and fine instrument. Even an instrument which in some ways appears flawed, flawed in a sense of programming a particular opportunity for learning for the individual.

So even that which appears flawed is not a flaw, but is rather a part of a perfect design to turn your interests and your efforts in a particular direction;that you might become the expression of that Source through yourself, through the giving of life and love to others.

This necessitates that you turn the thinking toward a sense of appreciation of self, of who you are, of what you are, and understanding this very basic principle of love and confidence that is the very fuel of life and thought to those who live on this planet. Even the secret of longevity, the secret of long life on this Earth is the feeding of the body, the mind, the spirit, with the perfect love which casts out fear, for only fear can kill a human body, mind, or spirit. Only fear can take away the abundance of life and prosperity.

Now, we use fear here, even in the sense of a lack of self-worth being a sense of fear of inadequacies. All those things which comprise self-doubts, those things which comprise what has erroneously been called "humility." These things are manifestations of fear. The vitality, the food for the soul, the food for the mind, the body, the spirit that is necessary to live in the fullness of life. The access of that food to the body is one's own responsibility.

That is to say, you are given the responsibility in this time of acquiring sufficient appreciation of who and what you are that you might become "the perfect love which casts out fear." The one who expresses such confidence in self, that there is a daily giving of thanks to the Source of Life for what I am, for who I am, for the perfection that is given me. Cast out from yourself the demons of self-doubt, and lack of self-worth. It is this that is your mission in this lifetime.

It is essential for your bringing the consciousness to the point of enlightenment. It is a practice which has not sufficiently developed within yourself. Understand that there is no gain in self-doubt. There is no gain in worry, or fear. There is no gain from a sense of inadequacy. All these things are detrimental to self and thought.

Now, this will take some effort for this particular body and mind. And even it is so, for the life purpose, for any single individual it is a challenge. One would not incarnate and take on the challenges of life without a great mission to be accomplished. And the mission for this one is the accomplishment of self-worth, of self-confidence, not only for the self, but for the reason that one who can acquire such a relationship with self, a relationship of appreciation of self and life, a confidence that life is in the hands of the Source, that all about is as it should be in the Master's plan. When I am confirming that fact within the self then that which is put before me is that which the Master has confidence that I can do!

Please begin to understand that when a task is set before you, when there is that you must do, and when your mind even for a moment entertains a thought that suggests that I am inadequate to this task, you have in effect, negated the confidence of the Source who set before you that task.

Understand that if you are in disagreement with the Source that puts the lessons before you, then you have failed to acquire the energy of that Source for the accomplishment of that task. There cannot be too great a stress, too great a teaching of the value of self-love, self-worth, and self-confidence! The acquisition of this in you becomes a light and a beacon to those in the areas of your influence. You cannot afford again to say in your life, "I haven't sufficient confidence in myself to accomplish that which is set before me."

Make this something of a life work, that you begin to demonstrate, particularly for women, this opportunity to gain a sense of self-appreciation and self-worth. For this is the key to a right relationship with God. One cannot have a full, complete and whole relationship with God while doubting the works of His hands. And you are the work of His hands! And if you have doubt in what He has produced in you is a perfect instrument, then you have doubt in Him!

Have confidence in God! In order to have confidence in the Source, you must have confidence in self. Let this be the religious zeal of your life. The religious determination to be the channel of the perfection that is your Source. And in doing so, become a support to those about.

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