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Learn that Mind is the Builder

Yes, the records show that the primary lesson for this one in the cycles of return has been to learn that "mind is the builder". That the power of the mind and thought, produce the body, the activities and energies surrounding the body, and its relationship to Universal Forces.

Now, although the soul has learned this important principle, and has encountered and experienced it again and again, it has been the challenge of this lifetime to renew that understanding.

Now, because that understanding is an underlying principle in the consciousness, there is a conflict in self in this time, in the knowledge that there has been a difficulty in using, applying that principle as is known.

If we may explain, somewhat, the principle of "mind is the builder" is a knowledge of the heart. And yet, due to cultural influences, and due to false evidences apparent in the life, the body/personality in this lifetime, has grown to be something of a worrier in the belief as has been taught, that those who love express concern as worry-- even bordering, at times, on a sense of pessimism born of fear. In the belief that worry and fear and concern, somehow, are beneficial.

Or that being concerned for the future, being concerned even for the present, is believed, somehow, a technique for influencing conditions for the better. It is confusion of the principle of prayer.

But it has been taught throughout your culture, so that while the heart knows that "mind is the builder", yet the mind has carried a belief that it cannot quite comply with this knowledge of the heart. And in the resultant dissatisfaction, the conflict between the mind and the heart, the body is literally drained of its creative force and energy.

Now, add to this a sense of little accomplishment in this lifetime, not a fact as would be stated as true, for this one has given so much of self to the expression of a mother and a parent, a loving being, yet there is a sense of a lack of fulfillment. For there is not that which can be pointed to and to say, "I have accomplished this with my life. I have produced something. I have used my life and energy to merit." There is a feeling of incompleteness which grows from this conflict between heart and mind.

The teaching of "mind as builder" was imparted to this one in several times past, more particularly ancient times, for in many cycles of evolution many cultures in your more recent history--this knowledge has been lost, and has hardly been alive since the time of the golden period in Greece [450-350 B.C.] when this one was influenced by the philosophies of the many teachers of that period, of Hippocrates, of Plato, and of Socrates, when this one was a student for a time at Dodonna.

But the memories of these experiences of incarnation past are not so important as restructuring the thoughts of the present, for we can make quite a difference in the physical energy of this body and the quality of life.

All of these tools will be particularly helpful for this one in restructuring the nature and the quality of thinking. And for understanding the principle of talking to the self, the inner conversation which can lift the heart and the spirit, which can rebuild the body. For it is this that is the hope of renewing the spirit and the vitality of the body.

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