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Live in Harmony with the Earth

You have something of a curious mind, and of a scientific nature that can allow that you begin to see the current effects of technology on the planet. You were alive during those terrible times of the changes, the break-up of Mu, and the later break-up of Atlantis. Both of these being times resulting from mankind's interference with the processes of nature, trying to go beyond cooperation with nature into tampering with, or manipulating the laws of nature.

Now, souls who have such memories, souls who incarnated at the time of such cataclysmic changes have an inherent memory of such changes, and a sense, a knowledge, an awareness of the danger of coming to the brink of such changes even in a later time.

Now, changes come in this time as a result of a different kind of technology, which can again bring about such eruptions and changes. We refer now more to the bringing together of unstable elements which man has referred to as "nuclear force," which is not a nuclear force at all, for it is not central. It is the collision of the outer periphery of the central atom, not the eruption of the nucleus, but the interruption of flow around it.

However, these influences have opportunity to set off a chain of changes which can be carried right through the Earth and alter the very configuration of the Earth itself. Mankind has been brought dangerously close to the brink, even in your lifetime, of a chain of accidents, not just a single accident, but a chain of recurring combustion of nuclei reaching into the Earth to that we've referred to as a superconductive mantle. This would move what you've called the tectonic plates, for these rest upon that mantle, and would change the shape of the continents somewhat.

Now, we mention these to this particular seeker, not because you are prepared as a scientist to change so much of the scientific view of such things, but because you have children, daughters who live into this time of change on the Earth.

And if there were a purpose for your life, it is to prepare the consciousness of these children for these times of change.

Now that we've referred to as preparing these children for the time of change, is the teaching of children to live in harmony with the Earth. See that there is a little opportunity for them to learn of making plants grow. Learn to survive on little, not that they should avoid the sophisticated devices and such that are available around you, but they should as well know how to live in the simplest of places.

Take them on times, voyages into wooded places, and let there be times of bringing life from the land. Encourage that each should have a small garden, even if it be in a box or a pot to grow herbs and sprouts. Self-sufficiency!

Always, always teach them the wisdom of living in harmony with the elements. Teach them the wisdom of natural living and natural life. Teach them the wisdom of making of the diet, the greatest portion of the diet, that which comes from the land and the immediate environment, and not of things packaged and frozen, and brought from distances. A philosophy of living in harmony with nature and the Earth.

Give some thought to that which occurs when economics change, for this is upon you. Japan enjoys in this time great prosperity, but will not be allowed to continue this. The powers that be on the face of the Earth now, because of ego, because of separation and nationalistic endeavors, will come to a time of resentment toward this land becoming more powerful.

And in the eyes of other nations less responsible for the care of the Earth, and their reference to responsibility will be military responsibility. These nations spending the bulk of their national income upon military pursuits will find that Japan turning her prosperity toward feeding the people, and toward prosperity of the people, become something of an unacceptable balance, for the prosperity of Japan grows beyond their's.

This, then, brings hostility and trade barriers between nations, and becomes ever more essential that the people here learn to live from the land and the sea, and in harmony with it and learn to live with your neighbor. Learn to have skills for barter that one may meet another's needs. Add to this the fact that Earth changes come and changes in climate and weather, times even of famine are before you.

We do not speak of a bleak life for these two children! We say only to you that it is necessary that you teach them a philosophy of looking toward a harmony in technology which cooperates with nature rather than destroying it.

It will not be so long, not so long at all, until one among you will channel the ability through a rod of crystals alternated with resistors to capture the power of lightning, to ground it as a natural source of electrical energy, which can then be channeled into storage units of superconductive material with something that we may only describe as similar to a battery of acid and such, to be recharged by lightning. Becoming a new mode of producing electrical energy and other forces to be released around you.

As these changes come in the nature of technology, man will begin to harness the energy of growth, the energy of life rather than the technology of destruction. These change and interrupt the direction in which technology is flowing, so that economics and energy will be changed in your time.

Lifestyles will be changed. People from Japan will travel in great numbers to other lands as there come changes in these islands. So the breadth of education and the ability to live naturally and in harmony, to grow one's own food, to be self-sufficient, to be contributors to reestablishing proper climatic conditions on this planet -- it is this that the younger generation must apply its energies to, for even the use of chemical fertilizers in this generation is destroying the relationship between climate and Earth, or lightning and Earth, and is destroying the ozone layer. It will soon be outlawed, the use of chemical nitrogen fertilizers for this reason, or the realization that the Earth itself is being destroyed in this manner.

Now, as this comes, the philosophy of growth and life must turn to the recycling of that which you take from the Earth back into the Earth. For not only are there patterns of acid rain produced, but there are climatic changes, so that vast areas are beginning to experience no rain at all. And the weather patterns around the globe are beginning to alter drastically.

Now, it seems to be happening slowly at this moment, but in the next twenty years, so dramatically altered that great, great masses of the Earth will be unable to provide food. Much more of the food must come from the sea, and from the quick growth of algae and yeast and molds, these things must become available as food-stuffs in this time among you.

Now, we say these things, for your life purpose has been to pass to the younger generation, to the daughters, and to those who come after, some sense of a need for keeping alive the natural lifestyles of an older generation. And the patterns of a generation or two past in Japan, when the diet was dependent far more on that which is grown in the immediate environment and taken from the sea.

In your daughter's lifetime you will see so much of importing foods and a deterioration of health as a result. Then, there is a necessity of bringing in supplementation of vitamins and such would be well for you to study, for it already is upon you that these things are needed and are so unavailable in Japan. Make yourself aware of the writings of vitamins and mineral supplementation which need to begin to be practiced here. Develop an understanding of nutrition and how it affects the body. And as these awarenesses are passed on then, you meet your life purpose and the purposes of these youngsters.

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