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Lemuria and Mu, More History

QUESTION: Please describe my main reincarnations since Lemuria and Mu. What type of soul am I?

ANSWER: Yes, it is well that you look backward to the time of Lemuria and understand that Mu was a part of Lemuria, the last remaining, and that this day and time -- the age of Lemuria -- was the age of the development of plant life on Earth.

You could well say that it was a period of preparation for the entry of Man. Your soul and many souls entered there and experienced Earth for the first time in the periods of Lemuria. The expressions of the soul in the earliest times could hardly be called "incarnation", for you were more of the nature of plants, but plants that moved, and plants that had activity.

Now, it is a little difficult in some ways to understand the population of Lemuria before the time of Mu. For by the later periods bodies were developing in newer forms as incarnations, and were moving from the color green to blue, and other colors appearing during this time, but the and was green. And the work of souls in Lemuria, in the earliest ages now, we speak here of eons before even the rising of Atlantis.

For Atlantis arose during the time of the development of the animal day of creation. And the soul memory is for the most part not as such that could remember the movement from plant life to the life of amphibious beings, and yet, the soul went through that experience under the sea.

The work of the Lemurians was the evolution of the plant kingdom, and even those processes that you call now hybridization, or the cross breeding of plant life as produced many different nations, or families, as it were, just as man proliferated into races so the plant kingdom separated into races and kinds. And because of the extensive development of the soul in Lemuria, those colors best suit you, even in this time, for you entered on the green ray.

As the spectrum divided as light, it developed into its manifestations on Earth. You entered at the time when the green light shone. Now, we will give a hint of what we mean here. As color from the Sun entered the space which this planet grew into, the planet itself began to appear when light slowed down to such a rate as produced red light. The darker, slower rays of light becoming the rays which manifested as inert matter, as mineral kingdom, as Earth itself.

As the blue and green light began to appear with the yellow on Earth, so primitive life forms began to develop. The first of these being of yellow and green. As the green came, came the first manifestations of life on the planet. And this was the day of referred to as the day of the growth of the plant kingdom. (Reference from the Bible - Genesis 1: 11,12)

Just as souls entered at a later time into physical bodies and began to incarnate, so souls entered this Earth and began to participate in activities of the Earth, even when the most primitive forms of algae had begun to appear on the face of the water in its relationship between Earth, water, and sun.

Algae and plants would not have appeared on this planet in spite of the combinations of Earth, light, and water, if there had not been the projection of consciousness from souls into the Earth. This is a secret that soon your scientists may begin to realize, for life comes from the projection of Life. Life comes from God. It does not simply spring from the relationship between sunlight, water, and matter. But when the souls began to project consciousness, awareness, life, participation on Earth, there began the proliferation of the life of the plant kingdom.

Souls began to inhabit one large island, or continent on this planet, the most of which was covered with water. And the souls were not limited to the continent, but lived in the water as well, but only as the plant kingdom in that time. As more complex forms of plants began to appear on the continent of Lemuria, there was the group of souls expressing themselves creatively that began this development of unique species, and interactions between species. Even the interaction of soul with soul, resulting in reproduction began in this time of Lemuria.

So your soul was there in these most ancient times of primeval forests, when the first of the animal life appearing was also green. Then, changing further as the blue-ray came to the first Blue Beings, not so much as you would think of humans in this time, but a rather angelic or deva like form, for the relationship was very close with the plant kingdom. Yet, some of these of blue skin began to participate with the Red Beings who came from Atlantis or Alta, nd brought civilization from Lemuria and Atlantis toward the east into Egypt. And some of these, then, migrated to the west in the times of the break up of Lemuria when the islands of Hawaii were formed, some of these remained behind.

This was the introduction of the time of fire coming to the surface of the Earth, and forming much of the configuration of Earth as it has become known today. Now, volcanic activity was not known on this planet until there were the radiations of crystal structures which were brought together in high intensities, which interrupted the mantle, the conductive mantle of Earth, and accidentally brought the fire to the surface.

And it was this invocation of volcanic activity that changed the structure of continents upon the Earth in that time, and resulted in the growth of Hawaii and of Japan. These are the result of the focus of the crystal, you see?

And the Earthquake activity and volcanic activity were parts of the result of the same misuse of crystalline energy and force, attuned to too high a degree, the ambition of man to carry his technology too far in altering the surface of the planet.

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