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Joy, the Secret of Happiness

Yes, now first, realize that the secret of happiness is an inner joy that is the joy of life. Begin to know that that which gives life to the consciousness, and even the cells of the living body, is the force that is called love.

And the manifestation of love always is joy. It is joy because love harmonizes with life and finds no distress in it because life is joy and joy is healing. One who masters the law of love and joy has mastered the law of healing and health, and the regeneration of all portions and aspects of the body and of the mind.

One filled with the laughter from within feeds the very cells and life forces of the brain-mind, and lifts the mind into a state of ecstasy which cannot be maintained within the physical body. Then, learning to breathe love and joy, learning to breathe love which manifests as joy of life, these are the source, the root, the well-spring of the mystical powers you speak of and that you seek.

There are many techniques for focusing on awakening and feeding and giving life to this inner joy. Most of all methods and techniques that may be taught in words are inadequate in themselves. One who would so devote the life to the perfection of love and joy within, must give the self to many studies and practices, for the reason that each of the studies amd practices will add a bit more of understanding of the underlying truth that may be learned in so many ways.

The use of breathing and the breath is an experience of being among the manifestations of nature, and the eye and the mind are caused to see the beauty and rejoice in them. Then the breath is taken in so that the joy of life about is breathed into the vital organs of the body. These begin to fill the body with light, with joy, and with the happiness that comes from a personal contact, a personal bond of communication with the Source within.

These are the secrets of joy that are only a beginning. Let life be a daily practice of contact with the flowers and that which grows. And of constant mantrum, a constant, consistent mantrum of thanksgiving to the Source of life. A rejoicing in the opportunity of expressing life, particularly, as the recognition that life is an opportunity, that your existence is an opportunity to allow the Source of life, that which is living Love, to express itself through a vehicle in this environment on this Earth. In so knowing, in so understanding, you will build a source of constant joy. A life of happiness.

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