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Huna's Power Over Death

The practice of the Huna also was for sitting in the open, in nature, particularly in the times of storm to draw to self the force of the electricity to renew the body, to connect the kundalini force - the lightning of the body - with the lightning of the greater body, or the Earth, you see? Thus making of self an instrument, an antenna reaching into the heavens and beyond the atmosphere.

It was this that gave the Huna the power over death, or power to touch with electricity, with lightning as it were, with kundalini force, the body of one who had passed from the body, touching at the point of the third eye and electrifying the body temporarily for reviving a physical body. It was not usually for a continuation of lifetime, but was used occasionally, particularly for reviving a wise man who had not passed on his secret, or for a Royal family member who had not passed on the permission, or the blessing to the throne.

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