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From Light Beings into Human Body Form

Bless you for being who you are and what you've done in this plane. That time of greatest contribution to the world of this day was given when the Earth was new, in an Age just begun. That Age of the appearance of what might be called the human race on this planet. This planet having been prepared for thousands, ye even millions of years for the appearance of the incarnation of the Children of God. Those Children having appeared before on this Earth only as Light Beings, able to observe the growth and expression of life on earth.

Then those Children of God were allowed to enter into plant life and express in that manner. And there was the age of animal expression which was ending at the new day begun, at the time of Adam himself.

Don't miss the significance, for when Adam appeared on the Earth, you had come from Alta in Atlantis. You had come to the area of the Nile with the priests and the prophets who came from Alta for the purpose of establishing those Temples of rites of purification that would allow human consciousness to develop an appropriate body for the expression of life on this Earth.

Now that Most Sacred One, the first Adam, the Adam which became the Christ, that one had just appeared in these environs and his son, Cain. Cain was cast out from the Garden of Eden and so as well, Adam and Eve. Adam came in his sojourn and so as well did Cain come from the lands of the Tigres and the Euphrates. These came first, then Adam came when Cain came, and they were given to your ability, your responsibility in the Temples of that place.

Now some of the importance of your responsibility in that time was taught you by Adam, for when Adam came into Egypt, what was later Egypt we should say for the name was not thus in that time, he was by the authority of the priests of Atlantis initiated into a new name. He was, for a time, called El Morya, who then became Hermes who established the Temples there of Initiation, of Sacrifice, and the Temple Beautiful.

You were given responsibility in the Temple of Sacrifice. Your name then was Poonea, El Poonea-N, El, meaning child of God or the name of God, Elohim. Poonea, your individual name, and "N", the indication of your class as a priest, your level of function.

Your responsibility in that time was for refining the physical bodies in what you would seem to think now as strange shapes and appearances, animal bodies which were being refined into a more godly form or a human form through the processes of that Temple.

Now your dream in this time is not a dream, but a recollection, a stirring to your heart that remembering will make you a greater healer and teacher. It is to be recommended that you study in this time a technique of healing called Reike, which is in some ways similar to your practice in that time, an outgrowth of a Temple technique of healing.

Reading 9156 8/22/87

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