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Many folks have been requesting any information concerning Earth Changes.  I guess because we are entering the new Millennium.

This particular Source Reading is interesting because it includes a discourse on Earth Changes from the point of view of the Super Consciousness/Celestial Planes.  Notice the profound comment at the end of the excerpt about what I interpret will cause the poles of the Earth to shift .

Prophecy for State of the Planet Address

QUESTION 1: You will have before you the records of the Fellowship of the Inner Light and those records required for World Prophecy. You will answer questions as I now ask. There are hundreds of prophecies, both ancient and modern, which refer to a period of tribulation and Earth changes in which earthquake and famine will change the configuration of the continents and cause widespread destruction and death. Specifically there are prophecies of the west coast of America falling into the sea, of the disappearance of Japan, and of a sudden flash freeze in northern Europe, as well as a shifting or even the reversal of the north and south poles.

While the prophecies as given from the different Sources seem generally to agree, there are differences and some disagreement as to specifics and there seems to be some confusion as to the timing and sequence of events. Please describe to us in as much detail as possible, and chronologically if possible, the sequence of the developing Earth changes and entering into the New Age.

ANSWER 1: Yes, we have these records and would first attempt to have you see from the perspective of these records, or through the eyes of the non-physical. When (events are) seen from a perspective that is not physical, not material and therefore outside the point of reference (of) time, there is seen that which exists in the present moment as cause, and there is seen (the results of that cause).  There is no point of reference for the lapse of time between that being cause and that result.

Through the eyes of the Super Consciousness, or the eye of limitless sight looking upon the records, there is seen a falling away of a great portion of your continent. And, to the eye beholding an eventual result related to a present cause, the eventual result seems to happen as if it were occurring at once, or even in rapid succession.  And the consciousness, attempting to relate this to another incident in space and time, will attempt to describe that period in which the portion of the change, or the steps towards the (change), will occur.

So that one prophet might describe . . . a great portion of the western part of the United States, entire states and more, falling away into the sea.  But this is looking some hundreds of years, perhaps even thousands (of years), into a time when the continents would encounter a totally different shape, configuration. But without that point of reference, or time, it would appear to have occurred during a relatively short period. It is a short period through those eyes (of the Super Consciousness), and can be confusing in the attempt to relate these changes in words and in your perspective of time and space, and will account for some differences in the description of these changes.

That which can be described, as relating to your generation, might be described in this manner. The buildup of those pressures, as will cause some considerable destruction in areas of the west coast of the United States, will occur within a period of about a year (reference 1983). Those buildups appear ready to release. While there will be great destruction, some loss of life, great loss of property, this does not describe the falling of an entire state, such an enormous portion of land, into the sea. It does describe, however, the changes in that area that is habitable and within a few miles of the coastline. And that configuration will change, . . . and know that there will be continuing tendency of instability in that area once activated, for you will find those plates changing relationship with one another.  Once begun, (it) will continue shifting and shifting.

At the same time, understand that lack of responsibility for the atmosphere.  A lack of respect for the fragile relationship between this planet and its light/life source is already causing considerable change in weather patterns and erratic opportunities for the growth of food supplies, producing some anxiety here, as will continue for a while. You will see a recurrence of dustbowl conditions in the mid-west and periods of unusual drought in areas known for rainfall, and rainfall in areas normally arid and dry, cold in areas that were warm, and unusual warmth for periods in areas that have been cold.

Do not look for such total change as alternating polarity during your time or literal disappearance of a nation, or the freezing of the whole of Europe, though those things come, yet sometime after the turn of this century.

Yet, you will see turmoil and difficulties, a continuing buildup of agitation, involvement of other nations in a holy war in the Middle East involving Israel and her neighbors, as well involving the Eastern and Western blocs of nations with increasing concern.  (This) particularly because of instability within the Philippines (due to) a growing hostility toward America for too long supporting a virtual dictatorship in that area, with the loss of bases for weapons there.

. . . Now do understand that systems you have depended upon are coming to an end and a new order is beginning to be established. Now that new order is the order, spoken of through these records, that the Beloved of God will bring and establish. And so it has begun. It has begun.

There grow among you . . . in this time, those few (who are) beginning to commit themselves to transformation in a new way with a new level of commitment. You have about you a growing concern for integrity. Not so many can maintain that integrity to which they aspire. But the thought, the aspiration, is becoming (a) motivational force, building in increments so that the building becomes a living movement.

. . . Do understand this: that there is commitment, there is an order from the Throne of Grace which has already been issued, which says to the Angel of Destruction, "Let not these forces loose upon the Earth until my Beloved ones are brought before me, into a new heaven, a new Earth." There shall not be harmed one hair on the heads of those who have committed themselves as instruments through which that new day shall dawn. Those who have become the New Essenes, the Pregnant Ones, through their commitment, through their new birth, through their attunement to the Beloved, will be (given) the ability to keep that they are committed to.

So shall they give birth as the Bride of the Christ, to usher in the dawning of a new day and then shall there be chained that dragon, Death.  Fear shall be lead away into that place of darkness. And, as it has been described, that sun will go out, and yet there shall be no need for that light, for the Light that is Life will shine before you and you will see, in a new way, having overcome Fear.  So Love will provide and light the way.  And there shall be no pain, no fear or disharmony among you, as a result of having stepped into Light.  (To) those who have overcome fear and death, He shall give a crown of life.

So might you understand, in these months and years that are upon you, you will find a continuation of war, pain, disease, death, changes in the Earth, in the weather, in (the) economy, and such.  (Until) you discover, as (have) these teachers and prophets who have made great commitment to a new order of things, (that) Love becomes a power recognized as stronger than fear, and Life (is) stronger than death, and as these thoughts shall reach that critical mass for change, so shall you see suddenly the dawning of a new day, His face seen in the clouds, and every (person) who lives and is committed to life shall see Him. And those with whom there is bond of commitment, these shall be lead into peace and new life. And to those committed to the Beast or Anti-Christ, these shall experience much pain, hurt and destruction.

Yet shall the way be clear, and the opportunity given, that those who suffer may more clearly seek the option of stepping into a new life and a new way. So then shall the Beloved of God introduce the new order, as it is being introduced now by the prophets among you, those who have returned for this purpose. So then shall He, the Lamb of God, the Christ, rule over that new heaven and the new Earth.

Become then the New Essenes, the Pregnant Ones, and with your expectation create that power that will produce that critical mass for the transition.  And as there is transformation among you, so will there be transformation on the Earth. And that transformation will be a reversal of polarity, but we speak not of destruction.  We speak rather of a heightening of power.  The lifting of the Earth into a new expression that is not one of polarity, so that you will no longer encounter good and evil, life and death, but rather Life shall reign for that time, for that season.

Then shall that be sufficient to your seeking of the moment. We are through.

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