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Some Causes of Headaches
with Suggested Cures

In the emotion, there is a great tendency in this one to withhold, to swallow, to contain feelings, expressions. As this is done, as the body, mind, personality censors itself in what it is allowed to express, the natural eliminations are blocked, and as this occurs in emotion and personality, so does the body respond in kind.

The a result in this one is a stretching of the colon in places, which have produced polyps, or pockets, subject to collection of toxins over an extended period, which then are absorbed and produce these toxic headaches.

Work on self-expression, self-expression not in the sense of simply releasing all emotion. We are not suggesting that you avoid censoring the expressions. Rather that you would choose to express, at least to yourself, within your meditations, within your prayers, within your quiet times, that you reassure yourself concerning your decision to express or to withhold.

Now let us comment further in this way: it is not the withholding of an expression that produces difficulty. It is not refusing to express an emotion that causes the tightening of muscles in the body which suppress elimiation. It is rather the refusal to communicate with self about that censorship. It is a resentment built toward those from whom the emotion is hidden. These things affect the physical.

Then considering that, give yourself a little kindness. Give yourself some approval, even praise, for restraining the self when you do, instead of self criticism by saying to yourself, "I should have said this" or "I should have done that."

Instead of these statements of regret, rather reassure yourself as if you were talking to a child, saying to self, "I withheld my expression of anger or hurt or emotion or scolding. I withheld it because I thought it was best in the moment, because I did not want to upset another person, or a situation, and I reassure myself that I was wise to withhold that express- ion, and I allow myself to hear what I might have said, what I might have thought, what I might have expressed."

We're simply saying here that these things can be worked out within you. It is a refusal to express, followed by a a refusal to admit the expression that produces tension, tightness. This in itself will harden the muscles in the back and in the neck, and by reflex, the muscles of the head, about the cranium, which produce these headaches. A combination of tension and toxin.

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