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Out of Body Experiences in Deep Meditation

Q: I can easily reach shallow medititation with no problem. However, if I fall into deep meditation, I do not want to return to my body. I don't know how to control my soul. Please advise.

A: Well, now let's first understand that this soul is given to a practice and experience of wandering and exploring the universe. Reaching into other realms and dimensions which add to the understanding, the ability to deal with life in this plane, or this dimension. If it were not for these soul journeys, the stresses of life in the physical, for this one would be somewhat more difficult.

And do understand there is a silver cord which attaches itself, is grown to, bonded with the soul. And has a capacity to extend to the extent of the universe. And the cord is not broken until the time that the soul has felt complete with the karmic mission of this lifetime. Thus, there should be no fear of leaving the body. No fear of losing the soul, or the control of the soul.

It is well and important, however, that you invoke the Presence of the living Love, the Christ, for protection and habitation of the body at the times of meditation. And it does well that you practice you meditation at the time of sleep, without a great deal of concern for returning to the body, for this occurs naturally over a period of time, so that the meditation turns into a natural sleep, and allows one to awaken, not only refreshed, but bringing to the consciousness a greater understanding of the subtler dimensions of travel.

When there are times that there is a great desire for remaining conscious in the meditation experience, use the deep breathing meditation to the extent that it is comfortable, and from time to time. And also moving meditations are ideal for this one, such moving meditation as the simple form of T'ai Chi. And we believe that is sufficient said to this particular concern.

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