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Knowing the Divine, the Christ

The real seeking of this mind is for knowing the Divine, knowing the Christ. Yet, the thinking of this mind, particularly through prior training and conditioned concepts, produces an urge to know through understanding. Understanding implying definitions, structure, an ability to analyze, to explain.

It should be understood that knowledge does not come through understanding, for that is the urge of the heart here. For we speak not of knowing a subject, knowing an idea or a theory, a concept, but we speak of knowing a Presence, a friend. And friends might well know one another without the ability to accurately describe, analyze, or even understand one another.

The sense of knowing is the sense of being aware of through feeling, direct experience through the influence of that Presence, which influence may be sensory, higher sensory, or subtler sensory. The sense of knowing through the intuitive, or inductive senses, rather than those of the physical. Through an extended, or repeated, awareness of such Presence. Through repeated experiences of the influence of such Presence, experientially and intuitively. As a friend can be developed, can come to that point that is the realization of knowing a Presence, by knowing with the heart.

There is a belief that the knowing will become more satisfactory through the understanding, the delineation, the description. There is nothing in this process, or these processes, which will deter or detract from that inner knowing, or heart knowing. But it should, as well, be realized that one does not replace the other, and that the inner knowing and the heart knowing will not come through the mental or analytical understanding, or the ability to describe or explain. The thought should be discarded that the knowing that the soul seeks should come through understanding in an analytical or descriptive sense, for it will not come in that way.

Knowing will come through the further development of the ability to listen to the heart. To listen and believe that which the heart and the subtler senses experience, detect and report. Don't insist that in order to know these reports from the subtler senses, or the testimony of the heart, that they must be subject to those methodologies of tests or using equipment as means of verification to create understanding, structure or definitions. It is true enough that the material coming from the heart and reported by the subtler senses can, in many cases, be subjected to such devices, particularly for the purpose of further reporting, explaining, communicating them. Yet often that communication and explanation must be done through means of metaphors, analogies and similes.

All this then is to say that there is good reason and good purpose to continue this research and communication of Divine Structure. It is not without purpose, yet we also say that there should not be a belief that coming to know Spirit is dependent upon understanding, explanation, delineation or research. For sometimes such processes can actually interfere with that ability to know. Yet, do not discard one for the other.

READING 9378, 1991

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