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What is the Difference between Live and Recorded Music

Let us respond to the question that you asked of the channel in this afternoon concerning music, alive in direct proximity to the performer as compared with music which is reproduced, amplified, recorded or perhaps mechanically generated. Now understand that these wave forms, the vibrations, may be precisely the same, but let us make a comparison in this manner, if we may.

Several years ago, through this channel, we made the distinction between vitamins which occur naturally in food and those which are synthesized in a laboratory. We mentioned in that time that those which are natural are superior to those created synthetically. This reading done in the presence of a biochemist who remarked that abscorbic acid is abscorbic acid , whether made in the laboratory or grown in a rosehip, to which we countered that synthetic vitamins are left-handed, natural vitamins are an equal mix of left and right-handed vitamins. This he did not understand until several years later when there was the discovery of the so called levular-retatory vitamins, meaning that synthetic vitamins refract light only to the left. Natural vitamins refract light both right and left, and these are available to the body, as left-handed vitamins are not.

We will make that comparison to music. You may produce measurably the same vibration with some precision as that which would come from an acoustical instrument or a natural voice. But when it is reproduced, it loses the aliveness of the performer and the moment of the generation of the sound for you cannot send music forth from yourself without sending forth yourself in the music. Then reproduced music is, in many ways second best, yet it still maintains the ability to calm the savage beast, to inspire both healing and action. It will never replace direct performance, but it can be used for healing purposes.

And do be very much aware of what you discussed in the manner of understanding that music is a sacred science. It is a temple art. It is not simply for entertainment or pleasure. It serves a higher purpose and was created in a temple. The use of the harmonics, which make music, describe the possibility of attuning the harmonics of mankind himself in such a way as to both heal the body and lift the spirit to the opening of the Crown.

Then might it occur in this day, in your generation, that the schools of the mysteries and their temples, including the revival of the Temple Beautiful in which the arts were perfected for highest purposes, may they be rebuilt, regained, restored in this day. And be ever one who would warn, not with fear but with some persuasion, warn those who subject themselves to music which affects the body as a narcotic, a drug, an escape, a dulling of the senses, an attempt to avoid the stress of life. It is also distractive to the instrument of the human body, quite distractive, and for many it will prevent the natural heritage of exeriencing the Crown of Enlightenment.

Then just as music is an instrument for the highest good of man, so also anything that has great value for good has an equal capacity for evil. Then choose to be a part of the understanding, of the significance of music and its effects today.

READING 9378, 1991

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