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Meet the Inner Self Helper

There is an ancient promise which says, "He who seeks will find, and to him who knocks, the door will be opened." Now these statements, promises, are made with certainty, without qualification, and as they are applied in such a manner, they do work for the establishment of a relationship with the Source of Wisdom, the Source of Life. With mathematical precision, they work to accomplish this.

Then your questions also ask, "How may I stimulate a greater desire to know God, the desire which will allow that this promise be fulfilled?"

We would respond to that in this manner. First, as you read the lives of the mystics, those who have had personal, experiential relationships with the Source, do not compare yourself with these but rather use them as a source of inspiration. Comparison of self with them will always increase the gulf between your present experience of the knowledge of God and theirs, accomplished over the time of their life. Make not then comparison, but rather inspiration from these lives.

Then follow on in this manner. You have a great ability to accomplish discipleship, or perhaps that is better said as discipline, for discipline and discipleship are one and the same. And these are not necessarily the same as bhakti, or devotion. Devotion and discipline are, to a great extent, two different paths, and yet they must be married for they are the two serpents entwining the rod that is the carrier of the life force, the kundalini. And there is a need in you to release much of what has become pent up or repressed drive, passion, as will allow you to more greatly recognize, to enhance your desire, your need to know your Source.

And understand that in the first seal of the seven seals, the energy, the vitality that becomes spiritual passion originates in that seal as sexual energy, or the energy of creation, vitality. And your ability to maintain discipline has extinguished some of the fire natural to this center.

Then we would prescribe in this manner that you make some study of what is published in one volume as the Taoist secrets of love and sexuality, and in another volume, called Taoist Yoga. And along with these, for they are essentially the same, but described from different cultures, the reading and some studying of tantra yoga, kundalini yoga, which is the same, to build this flame, this spark that drives with passion the desire to know God.

Now it is well established in your time, even outside what is called spiritual circles. In the disciplines of psychotherapy, it is now well established that there is an innate intelligence referred to researchers as the Inner Self Helper, also referred to by Palmer as innate healing awareness. Referred to by teachers and mystics throughout the ages as the Higher Mind, the Higher Self, the Christ in you. We mention this that you might consider that God is neither outside you nor beyond you, but within you. And this Presence, the guiding light, the inner light, this living Presence within you, is described as non-assertive, non-judgmental, always loving and supportive and quite capable of healing.

Now, we mention this that you might particularly understand that the first attribute of this inner self is that it is non- assertive. The importance of realizing that lies in this. The Inner Self Helper, the Christ in you, is non-assertive, you must seek it with all your heart in order to find it, to awaken it, or to build your connection with it. If there were, if there are any doubts or hesitation, if there is not a wholeness of absolute commitment to communicating with, experiencing this Inner Self Helper, if you do not want this more than anything else in life, then the door is not opened.

To him who knocks, the door will be opened. The knocking at the door is what is sometimes referred to as the Abrahamic sacrifice, the willingness to set aside all other things for one single purpose, to open that door that is the gateway of the heart, to giving the life in devotion, bhakti, to knowing, making friend with, encountering and personally experiencing the Inner Self Helper who is the Comforter, the Holy Spirit, the Christ in you.

READING 9378, 1991

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