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Building Self Esteem

Very early in this time, you were taught to feel unworthy, and in fact, the feeling, the thought, the self-image extended to a belief and a need to be punished, to be hurt in such a way as would make you better.

The patterns that you have experienced and the pain are not without purpose, for they are part of the expression of soul purpose in this time. One who has experienced such pain and violence toward self, both from self and others, is one who, in overcoming this cycle, as you refer to it, of abuse, one who has overcome and stepped out of that cycle, is one who understands and has compassion for others who will find themselves in such a cycle.

This extends to mean that your life purpose in this time is the teaching of self worth, self esteem, self confidence, and you have prepared yourself for doing so. Yet there is a remaining step, and we would suggest that you encounter it in this way. Give yourself a period of time, both morning and evening, of quiet. In that quiet time, talk with yourself on purpose. Speak to yourself about the love and the support that you both need and deserve, understanding that this relationship must be replaced and rebuilt in this manner.

You must understand that at this point in your life, you have become the parent, and you need to begin to see every cell of your body as a child, your child. All of these children, each microscopic cell of your body, has consciousness and like a child, needs nourishment, strength, and understanding. Do not doubt for a moment that all cells in your body are thinking cells, are memory cells. They are learning cells. They have wisdom. They have consciousness. They have cell memory. Treat them as little children and begin to practice, even now, speaking to each portion of your body, whether at the cell level or at the level of body systems, whether of nervous system, circulatory system, the brain, the eyes and the ears. All portions of your body need to be talked to deliberately, for self-talk continues always unconsciously and remains unconscious until you take control of it.

You will need another step to take control of it effectively. You must understand that the ultimate parent, the Highest Self, the Super Consciousness, or Christ in you, is also a living being within you who is, by nature, pure Living Love. Then you must claim this Presence, this Being as your Divine Parent, your father and mother within your self and your body.

Begin to speak to this Presence, the Divine Presence in you, and ask that this Presence daily teach you self love, self worth, self-appreciation, self-esteem, confidence and strength. This will give you the strength to overcome the past, so that you will have confidence with which to speak to others who have encountered similar experience.

Now fill your self with love, confidence, appreciation and even praise, praising yourself, encouraging yourself and ridding your mind of self-criticism. Take away from your consciousness that portion that is the imposed parent within you, which is critical and blaming, which scolds you inside yourself. Replace this with an encouraging, strong parent who comes from Living Love within you, and remind yourself often, talking with yourself often, remind yourself that you are strong, that you are deserving, deserving of the love which made you, the love of your Source.

Gain the strength and confidence to set out on your own, complete and whole, not left available at the hands of anyone who would fail to respect you in the highest manner. For too often, with such a pattern as you were given in early life, you can become addicted to and dependent upon others who agree with the early assessment that was made. From your own sense of a lack of worth, you may communicate to others that you lack worth, and they, in turn, are likely to abuse you, whether verbally or even physically. Set yourself apart from these and teach others to treat you with respect, love and regard, which you deserve.

You must learn to believe this in yourself first, and we would suggest this for you. That it will take thirty to forty days of practice, practicing telling yourself of your love and worth, practicing talking with yourself, reassuring yourself of your value. And particularly practice listening, listening to the Christ within, listening to the Source which will reassure you of your value until you feel loved and valued from within, until you gain the strength to separate yourself from anyone who does not see and respect that value.

READING 9371, 1991

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