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Factors That Increase Healing

There was an extraordinary understanding among the healers, called the Therapeutae, of the effect of attitudinal healing. This was a center for the use of dreams, the use of drama, the use of play, humor and activity. You have an innate awareness that the current direction of medical science, while there are marvels that have been discovered and applied, there is, in fact, another truth. You have an ability to remember that the enemies are less of germs, viruses and carcinogens and more of hurt and fear, the negative concerns, worry and stress.

It was learned in a place so well in that time that the changing of consciousness from desperation to joy was the greatest of all healing factors. It might be established in this time that love, laughter, peace, rest and profound relaxation, these are the most important keys to healing. Where these exist, the body's own defense mechanism and innate healing awareness are sufficient to overcome any of the agents of dis-ease that are the focus of the current medical paradigm.

Perhaps, then, you can learn a bit of the ancient understanding of the Therapeutae and their practice of overcoming the law by obeying the law. There is much that has been given from these Sources concerning that, but is available also through other sources.

There was a lifetime in the community at Qamran when you were moved from that Essene community into Egypt against your will to be put to work in the gardens of Heliopolis. At Qamran were the greatest of the herbs, balsam, and spicebushes of the world that were used for herbal healing. When these were brought by Cleopatra 9th to the establishment at Heliopolis, her intention was to make of this both a great center of healing and a Mystery School in her time, though she had not sufficient knowledge to empower it as had occurred at Qamran.

You were in that time again among the Therapeutae who were healers with herbs and with such remedies as hydrotherapy, the teaching of peace with music and the arts as effective healing instruments. You can see that a high understanding of the medical arts in that time were established. You can see these things through research, through archeological discovery as well as through what we have said in these discourses from the Akasha, even to the extent that the Therapeutae of that time were capable of brain surgery and had discovered the use of antibiotics. Though modern science traces this discovery less than one hundred years, it was used 3,000 years ago in these ancient cultures.

There is much to learn. Much of it you can remember, but take these things to heart. That you rejuvenate your own body, that you add to it the spirit of energy and vitality through the application of profound relaxation experience, and through introducing laughter at will into your life for the healing effects of it. And then, above all things, understand that as you apply your compassion and love to afflicted patients, the healing that passes through you to them will also be healing power for yourself, for your own body, mind, spirit, and life, ultimate healing and support against the effects of aging.

READING 9376, 1991

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