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Maintaining Good Health, Minimize the Effects of Aging

The single most important factor in minimizing the effects of aging is to understand this. The greatest enemy, the greatest natural enemy to the human body as it is constructed is gravity itself.

By far, the highest activity of the human brain is maintaining the relationship of the body to gravity, constantly adjusting the body when in a seated or standing position. This, then, is the stress activity of the brain in relation to gravity. It is because of this relationship that humans need a period of prone rest during the day to eliminate this constant interaction with gravity.

Then, in order to reduce the effects of aging, we must recommend these things. Most important, profound relaxation, profound relaxation is needed daily, but not limited to sleep. Sleep does not always produce profound relaxation. As you are aware, the body can grind the teeth with forty pounds of pressure during sleep, so the is not the complete releasing of stress.

Meditation is a form of profound relaxation as you are already feeding the body with a part of what you must do to defeat the effects of aging by taking profound relaxation to the most effective level that you can attain.

Please understand from a scientific point of view, it is already established that the effects of aging are caused by the contraction of muscles during stress and during the body's attempt to maintain the relationship of a biped to gravity. This internalized stress, even in the smallest musculature of the body, allows for the contraction and dilation of vessels, especially along the spines process, the nerves which extend out to the organs, these are the areas which most reflect the effects of aging.

Understand these and overcome them with profound relaxation, using music to be placed through the body, through the entire body, particularly music of largo movements, perhaps of baroque music or other largo movements. This means sixty beats a minute. That rate will allow the brain activity to move to optimum alpha level, will allow all muscle spasms, even the smallest along the spines process which deprive the organs of their lifeline, will allow that these release their contraction.

Understand, you cannot think a thought without moving a muscle. That is basic. You must also know that all stress thoughts, thoughts of worry and concern, produce muscle contractions, always, never expansion, always contraction. Laughter, joy, peace, meditation, profound relaxation, these produce expansion of musculature.

Then as the body stores the contractions of stress thoughts in the muscles of the body throughout thirty, forty years of life, we find these causes the effects of aging. This is true to the extent that where death occurred twenty years ago at a time when three or so internal organs were over-aged, out of harmony with the chronological age and aged to destruction. It is now true that four organs at the age of 50 to 60 are sufficiently debilitating to produce death for the reason of the increased stress as time goes on in this society and culture. This is the enemy.

Then establish that the profound relaxation will release the stress, and through doing so, will open the nerves from the spines process to the organs, glands and tissues of the body.

Now this is the most important secret of healing of this day and time, and when it is understood and accepted, it will produce a new medical paradigm and the ability to defeat much of the effects of aging.

READING 9376, 1991

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