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Habit Control, Cigarettes and Weight

Let us begin by understanding here that there is no such possibility of discontinuing a habit, except that it be replaced by a new habit. Then, it is important to understand that to quit smoking is only half of what you must do to become a non-smoker that is not suffering ill effects of discontinuing a habit.

It can be stated as a Universal Law that a habit must replace a habit. Then where there is a vacuum in replacing the habit specifically with something new, there will be an attempt of the body to compensate for an appetite which seems to the unconscious, or the little mind, to be depriving a satisfaction of an appetite without replacing it.

Then we will suggest these things which will, without doubt, allow you to create and sustain the ideal weight for your height and for your build and for your metabolic rate.

Now begin in this manner. First, never use a diet that will leave you feeling hungry at any time. Such diets are self-defeating in all cases. On the other hand do these suggestions.

In the morning, upon awakening, take about an ounce of pure grape juice, some such as pure Welch's grape juice for the purpose of gently lifting the blood glucose level so that the appetite stimulus is turned off before eating. Secondly, always eat breakfast. Eat enough to be satisfied and eat only when you are hungry, not eating on a schedule of morning, noontime meal and evening, but rather, only when there is a sense of hunger. Do not have meals established by habit at certain times of the day. Do eat when you are hungry. Never deny hunger. However, at the onset of a sensation of hunger at any time, take just a sip, even less than an ounce of grape juice. Now, there are other juices which may be used. The most effective is pure grape juice. An alternative is grapefruit juice.

When you feel a bit of hunger, take a sip of juice and hold it in the mouth under the tongue for a moment so that the juice and the natural fructose in the juice is allowed to enter the bloodstream, not through the stomach. This, then, will turn off the appetite stimulus. Do, however, always eat even after taking the juice. Allow that the taking of the juice to be several minutes, up to twenty minutes, before you take other food. But do not wait so long that your hunger increases.

Then do this as well, keep on hand, at all times, vegetable sticks, meaning celery sticks, carrot sticks, but extend this to such things as turnips, sweet potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, and as many vegetables as you can think of as can be taken raw. The only exception to taking these vegetables raw is the white potato, Irish or Idaho, or such, but sweet potato is very well taken raw.

Then, when you take these sticks of vegetables, hold them in the fingers in the manner that you would have held a cigarette. However, before taking a bite of the vegetable, hold it in your fingers at the mouth in the manner of a cigarette, take a very deep breath, a deep and satisfying breath, Say to yourself at the same time, "I am inhaling pure, vital energy, Prana, the Breath of God, the Breath of Life, and to me, it is satisfying."

And even at times when you are not about to eat, do allow yourself to respond to the trigger mechanism of bringing the hand to the mouth, but take a deep, deep breath, a satisfying breath, and talk to yourself about enjoying that satisfying breath.

Thus we will replace the trigger mechanisms of an old habit, and at the same time, disassociate that as much as possible with food. Associate it instead with the deep intake of a breath of fresh air. Always do that before taking food.

And as many times during the day as you think about either food or smoking, particularly at moments of frustration or concern, move your hand to your mouth and take a very deep and satisfying breath and exhale it with a sigh, a sigh that will allow you to feel relaxed and satisfied.

Then as to the diet itself, never take less than you want. Instead, take as much as you feel you need to be totally satisfied at a meal. Only consider removing those things from the diet as are excessive in fats, lipids and particularly heated oils of any kind. It is important to take some oil such as olive oil, always extra virgin olive oil, a tablespoon or two each week, but never heated. This may be taken, then, on salads or even directly in a tablespoon, though this is not so pleasant. Never use tropical oils even for stir fry. Use only extra virgin olive oil in whatever you eat.

Then, set aside those food items that you know are too high in calories or in other ways detrimental to the diet. Pick things you enjoy. It is this principle that we are communicating. Do not decrease the amount of what is taken. Only exclude those items that are not highly effective in producing energy and vitality without also imparting extra calories, cholesterol or lipids in whatever form, except the mono-glycosides.

It would do well that you eliminate sugar in other forms from the diet. Sufficient sugar will be taken in the pure grape juice.

And we see here a danger, or a concern, in the attempts to control weight. As it fluctuates, you do set up pre-conditions for diabetes and hypoglycemia. And for that reason, stabilize the weight. Never allow yourself to feel deprived. Only choose the things that you enjoy, but sugars only as they occur naturally in food, and this will be sufficient. Avoid such foods, as you know to be excessive in calories. Always satisfy yourself at the meal, and even between meals. If there is hunger, ask yourself whether the compulsion to have something to eat is hunger or dis-satisfaction. If it is a vague dis-satisfaction, use first the trigger mechanism of moving the hand to the mouth with a very deep sigh and a satisfying intake of air, considering it as best you can to be pure and clean, wholesome. In spite of understandings of pollution in the air, your body is capable of handling this. Take that deep breath as Prana and as a source of energy.

Now add with this the juice of carrots one time a day and only a few ounces. This is for increasing the vitality and energy that you seek.

Use what was called atomidine ( ). Use it in this way. Take one drop in a half glass of water each day for seven days. Then leave this off for seven days and repeat. Now there are two reasons we would give for doing this. First, to stimulate the thyroid and increase the metabolic rate so that you more effectively burn calories through the body and the metabolic rate. Secondly, this is a stimulant to the endocrine system as will give you a greater sense of energy and vitality and not only psychologically, and physically will make the source of energy more immediate.

Then understand as well that the sense of having sufficient vitality to do what you need to do in a day is more dependent upon being excited about what you do than it is upon the intake of any form of food or stimulants. And we would not use any other stimulant aside from the atomidine, which will establish a higher or faster metabolic rate.

Now understand that it is well that you do exercises as well with the physical body daily. Know this as well in your body and with your mind, you burn much more calories with mental activity than with physical activity because your mind is active, purposeful and curious. Use the ability to concentrate and understand that mental activity, mental exercise, is as effective in burning calories, as is physical exercise. However, the toning of the muscles and the shaping of the physical body are important in establishing and maintaining a specific level of weight.

Now more important than any other faction is convincing your body self image, creating a self image that is not one of increased bulk, but rather the slim and healthy self image that you seek. The body will take in the amount of calories needed to support the self-image, not necessarily to support the size of the body, but rather to support the self-image.

Then, it would be better that you look at the self often and consider yourself light, slim, healthy, with a correct weight to height ratio. Never worry about being too large or overweight. The concern, the self-talk, about the body in relation to weight will cause the little mind, as we refer to the unconscious or subconscious, will support the image that you have of self. The single most important factor in maintaining a correct size is to see yourself in that size and not give energy to the unconscious worry about size and weight.

Understand, the more concern you express in your self talk, in your mind about your size and weight, the more difficulty you will have in maintaining the ideal balance. Once you have established a self-image that is in harmony with your body, the weight control will become quite automatic.

So we have these two concerns as we are suggesting. One, replace what you took away from the consciousness, from the mind, from the habits by quitting smoking. We will replace that, you see. Then, we will increase the metabolic rate.

Change the deep concern for self image. Do not worry about it. Do not talk to yourself about it. Do control the blood sugar levels, maintaining that as nearly as possible throughout the day so that there are not fluctuations. We do not want to trigger a diabetic response here, and diets, which allow you to feel hungry, do in fact, endanger, considerably, a diabetic, hypoglycemic response. Thus, let us maintain the blood sugar level. Use a bit of juice to control the appetite.

And let us go just a little further here in explaining this. In the time that it takes you to eat, the blood sugar response does not keep up with the rate of food intake. It is for that reason that we recommend taking some grape juice, which is high in sugar content, twenty minutes or more before you begin to eat. Eating until satisfaction will cause you to overeat before the blood sugar level reaches that amount which will turn off the appetite alarm.

Then, take the juice beforehand and eat slowly. We would even suggest these two things in eating. Eat with chop sticks rather than with a fork, and eat with the left hand. These two things will change the mindset about food and the rate of intake of food so that the blood sugar level reaches satisfaction before a meal might otherwise have been finished to satisfaction.

Do not leave yourself hungry. Be good to yourself. Take these things as are wholesome and satisfying at the same time. This will correct that situation.

READING 9376, 1991

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