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A Sleeping Man
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"Jesus & His Essene Teacher"

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Jeffrey Schneider requested any information about Jesus and his relationship to the Essenes.  The following Source Reading is probably the most detailed, describing Jesus' relationship with an Essene prophetess.  There is a beautiful physical description of Jesus contained in this text.  I have not published the prophetess' name as she has chosen to use that name in this lifetime as a result of that Source Reading. 

Also, there is an interesting description of her meeting with the Lords of Karma.   Early in her life, she was clinically dead for a short period of time, about 5 minutes, and this describes what happened during her brief death experience in that meeting with the Lords of Karma.

Source: Now we bring you greetings in His Name, for thou art (her name), prophetess of the Essenes, and should remember those experiences of being among the guardian peoples as the Master walked upon the Earth.

. . . Deep within the heart of this one could be the realization, the awareness that she has touched the hand of Him who was the Christ.  She has seen His face, has spoken with Him and oft she has walked with Him in the still hours of the night in the cool garden breezes.

And (she) would realize His teachings deep within her heart, though these may not be expressed on outer levels, they are seen in the face.  They are seen in the attitudes toward others, not that this one would be an example of perfection, but there is an innate awareness of that oneness of all creatures.

Now, it would not be possible that such a one blessed by the hand of the Master Himself would not carry about self a vibrant radiance of His Presence in this lifetime. For we would see that in the lifetime as (her name), there were the moments of astral projection, that is, this one had the ability and had been trained so that the body might manifest in two places simultaneously that work may be carried out.

Now these things may be done for the good of those on your plane.  If there is a need to be in a distant place for the blessing or for the welfare of another individual, this might be accomplished, even in this lifetime.  . . . It was not that this one was changed, or that another entity or spirit was added, it was simply that this one stepped outside the body, much in the manner as does this trance source through which we speak.

. . . It would be seen that when there is left behind the body of clay on your level (her death experience), that the awareness of the soul would join those others on the inner planes where there are the Lords of Karma.

Now the Lords of Karma are given as a term that you may realize those laws or rules that you would apply in judging the lifetime, or that which is accomplished in an incarnation.  Not that these are entities, but they would be seen by those on your plane as entities for purposes of reference.

It would be seen, then, that this one voluntarily left the human body and came to join the Lords of Karma for the assessment of this incarnation and what should be done. For this one came not because there was the need for incarnation in this lifetime, but because there were those who would need the help. This one came on a mission, then, to be the catalyst, to bring others closer to the Godhead.

It is not meant that this one would be the evangelist, or the great teacher, or the great healer It is meant, however, that this one would realize the potential of such existence, one who would carry in self the very Christ Force.  . . . There could be the healing of the sick; there could be even the raising of the dead with that Presence that is in the heart of this one and the realization of the closeness to Him who was the Master.

For this one was especially close to Jesus Who became the Christ, and helped teach Him in His younger days when there were the retreats on the mountains of Carmel. There was the walking with Him in the garden and beside the rivers.  The talking with Him of those disciplines that you would call the mystic, those disciplines in which He was tested in the Egyptian lands.

There was the walking with John, who is called in your Scriptures John the Baptist, the Harbinger. There was the acquaintance between this one and Elizabeth, the mother of the Harbinger, and with Mary, the mother of the Christ.

And there could be for this one, in the studying of the Scriptures and the quiet times at night, if there would be the turning inward and turning backward, there could be the remembrance of walking with this man.

And there would be in the heart the seeing of this man, even in this moment, as a man wearing a pearl-gray robe, all of one piece, flowing about Him, with steel-blue, piercing eyes, with the dark reddish eyebrows, and with the beard that parts in the center and has two peaks coming down from the chin.  The hair would be seen as a very deep, rich, wine-red - the color of new wine, and flowing down to the shoulders and curling about the shoulders. The fingers would be seen as long and tapered and you would see on the small finger of the left hand one long nail that always was worn long.

Now attempt to reconstruct this man of ruddy features, a muscular man, one who was very much a man, very masculine.  One whose eyes were piercing but kind; one whose voice spoke with authority. Realize that there were even the times that He came to thee for the teaching.

. . . Now be aware of that which dwells within, for if there were the awareness, if there were the use of the power that lies within this heart, it would be seen that no one could even touch the garments of this one without being helped.

. . . But it is true. It cannot fail. It is the word of God. It is given to all His servants, not only to this one. . . . All are one in Christ; there is no limit to the Christ power.   That which is the Christ Force is available to all.

1994 Paul Solomon Foundation

Topic Posted 7/23/98

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