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Following the Guidance of Spirit, Not Religion

It the life for this one at Qumran that is heavy in the karma of the present existence. We find in this manner that it is important for this one to strike the balance in this lifetime between that of spirit and that called religion on your plane.

For there is feeling of the need to express that which would be of spirit. Though not as religion for this particular one, for the term and the concept have well been rejected by this one, as have by so many in this sphere of existence in this day because of the abuse not only of the word, but as well of the concept.

We find, however, that it comes as the confusion in this heart of the one who manifests under the sign of Cancer, or that which would be of the emotional side. As this one is attempting to cause the balance in the religion, in the spiritual aspect with that which would be the understanding.

We find the confusions come in this manner, that there is the very conscious, deliberate attempt to reject that which comes as religious or moralistic teaching or training. There is the refusal to be restricted by that which has been set as a pattern, or a guide. And well that it should be so, for this is understood on the intellectual level as the manner in which these should be accepted, and there is the same within the self. If it makes sense, if it adds up, if it is the correct indication, if it is that which I feel from within and from above, then I would follow it, but not because of rules.

There is, however, from early childhood, the teaching, the training in the more emotional, the moralistic acceptance of that which is religion and spiritual. Then there is found the clash within the self, the emotional side of the nature, that has had the problem, then, in adjusting to the two sides and bringing these to the center.

December, 1972

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