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Every Soul Enters with a Teaching Purpose

Understand this principle, every soul, every single soul who enters your plane of existence, every soul who enters life, enters with a teaching purpose. Every soul born into your experience is a teacher and came to teach. There are no exceptions. Every soul comes to learn as well, of course, but the focus of this life is on the teaching.

Then it might be stated that each soul entering with a purpose of teaching will construct an instrument for accomplishing that purpose. The construction of the mind and the body, the vehicle for communication and experience, will be done specifically to best serve that soul's teaching purpose. If one should remain with you in your life, relating with you for a period of years, the interaction and communication would, over that period of years, cause you to realize various ideas, understandings, subtleties of relationship, which would cause you to grow as a result of that interaction.

A soul, then, might choose a period of 50 or more years to communicate, to teach, that he or she came to teach. If a soul, then, can accomplish monumental change in the lives he came in to affect in a brief period, there is a tendency among you to think that that somehow is inadequate or that it represents a tragedy of sorts.

From a different perspective, you might well understand that such a soul entering, accomplishing, leaving immediately has often done effectively what he came to do, and the brief period of touching the life represents no tragedy or ineffectiveness, but rather something of the opposite. A soul entering with direction, purpose, touching, teaching and affecting lives, then goes on to the next step to new experience.

And so here you have encountered a soul who in a sense had a choice, a choice of coming to share your lives for an extended period of time, enjoying the relationship, enjoying the love and sharing it, or to recognize that most needed in your experience for your effectiveness. Could your effectiveness, your learning best be served by a pleasant period of growing, sharing, and family expression, or could your maturity, effectiveness in that you have to do in your life best be served by encountering the stress, the frustration, the anxiety and anquish of encountering this experience you have just met?

The entry and the expression of this soul in this particular manner represents something of a sacrifice on his part, and in that sense is a measure of the strength and dedication and commitment of this soul, the willingness to endure this brief time and to encounter all these expressions of anxiety and such in those he touched. One could even describe this entry into your life experience as something of a gamble, as if the soul took a chance that your love, your commitment to growth and understanding, would cause you to respond appropriately to this opportunity, and in responding in this manner, be a great blessing and help to those about you. For you, in particular, are very visible in your lifestyle, touching the lives deeply in a spiritual and religious sense, of so many others.

This birth and death happened, then, not just to you nor for you, but for all those you reached and touched. Many eyes were watching and are. Many hearts and the emotions of many wait with anticipation to see and feel your response. So that in this opportunity to interface with the soul, you are teaching and your response to this brief entry into your life will affect the lives, the thoughts, the minds of many.

So it has been not just for teaching you, but to put you in a position of teaching others by your response, to put to the test your beliefs in prosperity and the joy of life, to cause you to examine within yourself, "Can I be prosperous, confident, have faith in these circumstances?"

And so you have responded and have gained a recognition in yourself not just an understanding intellectually, but a change within you that says, "There is not something wrong with our son, but rather something right." He entered a body perfectly created for that it had to do, caused many to focus on his entry, some with anxiety, many with love. Became a focus for the love that exists around you and caused you once again to feel the effect of the support, the caring, of those you've reached and touched.

Do not discount the relationship between the time of his birth and your efforts in campaigning to serve the people, for they are directly related as part of the same lesson and experience. There are stresses there in both these experiences that are generally thought of as reasons to become depressed, hurt, anxious and such, and through your relationship to these lessons, you've been given a greater opportunity than you will ever have in words to teach.

Through this experience, you might best recognize the tool of the life itself, your response to what others see as an excuse to be hurt, to respond to these with understanding, acceptance, appreciation and pure joy in the expression of life.

A part of the lesson had to do with limitation. You encountered the limit of your ability, and the ability of others to deal with such a massive challenge, in the physical sense to structure, to complete a physical body. But understand that in your universe of polarity and interface with limitation, it is simply a point of reference to cause you to see reflected limitlessness. That is to say, when you encountered what appeared to be the limit of your ability to be effective, you found in that very encounter with limitation the lack of limitation within you to respond to life as a cause, as one who can experience prosperity, plenty, and pure joy.

Then the illusion of limitation is but a revelation of limitlessness, that available to you to do, to become, to be what you can be growing into God's perfection. It is important now that you continue to recognize the ability of this soul to communicate with and be a part of your lives. During the period of expectancy you were aware of the presence of this soul, touching, affecting, having a part in your lives. And so this communication beyond words, this presence, this part of your life and sharing continues now. He is a part of your life and has sought to demonstrate to you that the presence of a physical instrument is not necessary to his sharing and participation in your life. He continues, is there, is a part of your family, has chosen to relate, to communicate, to participate in that subtler way through the subtler senses. And so in that participation, continued participation in your family, he continues to grow and grow with you, to share and share with you. He will not always be there participating so closely, but will go on to other experiences.

For the time that you continue to be aware of his presence, encourage, feel him, love, speak to him and share and soothe. He will go on, having had the effect that he came to have in your life.

You are aware already of a moment of change when you went from the expression of anxiety and anguish to the sudden realization of the appropriateness, the rightness of his manner of expressing and entering your life. And that moment of change was in itself the primary lesson. Certainly you have karmic relationship with the soul, but it would serve no purpose to recount past life experiences other than to say that you have grown together, not in a parent-child relationship in the past, but in a friendship relationship, the three of you growing together. Students, as it were, together. Much of that you learned together and shared in earlier time, you have come to realize again in this time and are a teacher.

He came in this moment as a moment or point of initiation in your life to give concrete demonstration or illustration of principles you seek to share, to initiate you. He came as an initiator, to take the words, the concepts that you speak to others and put you through that moment of proving, concretizing them, internalizing them, demonstrating them in your own consciousness so that you move from that phase to a new maturity as a result of his coming as an initiator, touching your life, and saying to you effectively, "It is time to move to a greater expression of what you have said, taught, thought, realized. Now you become."

It is particularly important that you see this as a point, a moment of initiation, and understand now that you are as you accept that, better equipped, to touch, to teach, to council others who need the strength, not just of your understanding, but of your experience to guide them through their challenges.

Then accept that challenge with thanksgiving. Give thanks to Him, to the Source, for the opportunity for the experience, and cause this to be transmuted into richness of life that will make this experience pure gold.

So be it. That is sufficient to this communication. We are through.

December, 1980

1994, Paul Solomon Foundation

1994 Paul Solomon Foundation for the
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2004, Daniel Emmanuel,
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