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Paul Solomon
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How The Source Worked Through Paul's Body

Q-1. What connection is there between the Source and the brain-wave frequencies?

A-1. We would find that there is little relationship between that which you consider the brain waves and that which occurs during this phenomena of this Source speaking these things through this body. And for this channel through which we speak, we would find that there would be the quieting of the system, that the brain waves would reduce themselves to primarily the theta state, that there would be a momentary dipping into the delta, at the moment that this personality leaves the body.

However, as the body is taken, then, by that which you have called the Source, or the Higher Mind, we would find that the brain-wave frequencies would return again to the outer level. That is, that this body would be used, that it would function as if wide awake. For it is not necessary for this universal spirit that would speak through this body, that the brain be functioning at the deep levels of the brain at the theta or delta states, as you refer to them. It is necessary that the brain function in the normal, operative state, that is, as if this body were wide awake as it is being used by that which would be called Universal Consciousness, or the Higher Mind or the collective subconscious or the collective superconscious, of those particularly present.

Realize that all this is under the control of the superconscious of this one through whom we speak. That this body is not turned over to outside entities nor other spirits or other entities, discarnates or otherwise that would take over the functions of this body or this mind unless it is deemed necessary by the superconscious of this one through whom we speak. It is, rather, that this one would be his own control in the spirit realm. So that part of him that is God, or that part of him that is the expression of the Christ forces within his universe, is the control of this force.

These talents have been developed through the many centuries of the training in this service. For this one has dealt with this throughout the past lifetimes both from those early incarnations in Egypt, through those times when there was the priesthood among the Hebrews, to that time that you know of when there was the service as the Apostle, and the later times when there was the priesthood in the areas that you now know as Italy, and the coming down to the present. For always this has been the interest of this mind and has been the development that this might come in these periods, that the body might be used in this manner.

What then would be the purpose for the discourse in setting this one apart as one who is trained for this purpose? We explain this that you may understand, that mechanically for learning those states of consciousness as would be beneficial to health and growth and spiritual understanding, that it would be necessary to turn toward those deeper states of consciousness, or the slower rates of brain waves as you see them, and that will be taught as is being planned in these courses concerning the Inner Light Consciousness. It is well that it would be seen in this manner. It should be realized that that which occurs through this channel through which we speak is that which may occur in the heart and mind of all those who so train themselves.

We would see the difference in the manner in which this operates as compared to meditation, the fact that this one has been trained and is trained to bring through those instructions concerning this. Therefore this mind, this body, is used in a different manner following that period in which the proper state is produced. That is, this one may turn to the delta states and release this personality from the body, and as has been given, the personality is resting at this time some two and a half to three feet above this body, as you would see it.

We would see then that this personality, or the one who is this channel through which we speak, rests above the body and guards it. He is his own protector concerning those influences, those negative influences or those negative thoughts or vibrations that would be present in this room or those discarnates that would seek to occupy this body. If the body remained in the delta state, it could be occupied by discarnates and used by them.

It is for this reason that following that moment of the personality leaving this body and being connected thereto by the silver cord, there is returned to the alpha levels of consciousness as far as the vibratory rate of the brain function is concerned. It is only necessary that the level be dipped long enough for this personality to be taken from the body and to maintain its position of vigilence above it, that it may be protected from outside entities or outside forces.

We would find then that the personality of this one is resting in that plane that you would call the inter-between. As for his consciousness, it is resting on that plane and is aware of those spirits about, those who would be the discarnates or those who would be the higher forces on inner planes, and is able to select those who would speak through this instrument. That is, this one through whom we speak would be judging on inner planes those who would be the Masters or those who would have the discourse to present and may be submitted to him and may be allowed to speak through this instrument.

Fall, 1972

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