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the Throne of Grace

We would see, then, that which produces the physical effect even at this moment and the emotional turmoil within this body is the reaching of a new plateau and the gathering of the masters who would teach this one. For there has been placed a great deal of responsibility on these shoulders and would not be handled by that which has been called a spirit guide. For this is a lower level of manifestation of that which would speak through a teacher on this plane.

Spirit guides, then, will be bypassed in the heart of this one as you look ever upward to the Divine center, the akashic record, to the gathering of the masters, those who have been the initiates. Those who have completed the discipline on this plane are available for the teaching. There would be then a link between this one and the masters who could so well manifest directly and teach.

Seek, then, that there would be the direction to the Throne of Grace. That is, that these who are the discarnates, though they be high level beings, though they be teachers, though they be spirit guides who are the manifestations of the Divine, even as that One who has departed pointed upward as He left to go on about His work, see those as pointing upward as being the true spirit guides. For they will divert attention from themselves, pointing to the Prime Central Stillness, to the manifestation of the Logos, to the God of this universe who will bring the masters themselves, those who have been through the manifestations, through the initiations, through the great tribulations on these planes and have overcome the Law, thereby becoming the Law of this universe.

Realize that in overcoming the laws of physical illness, so one would be the healer, one would be the manifestation of the Law. By overcoming the Law, one might apply the Law, and bring physical healing, may bring spiritual healing on all those levels of the bodies.

There is so much that is attempting to come through from these planes. At this moment there is such a gathering of masters for this particular reading that these lips are not adequate to bring these messages through. There must, therefore, be other channels that must be developed even in this room at this time. Open the hearts, for there is much to be understood for everyone gathered in this room.

December, 1972

1994, Paul Solomon Foundation

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