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More on the Ending of Duality

For this one, then, that which would be seen by others as the sexual act is not the sexual act or, that is, not the violation of morality and is not subject to rules or laws or condemnation. This, then, is seen as an expression of the physical body. That which is the expression of the physical body as an appetite cannot in and of itself be sinful or wrong, or subject to moral rules.

Only those things that would affect the evolvement, that would affect the consciousness of self, or others, can be subject to such rules or laws. Those things which produce effect are laws. Those things which do not produce an effect, other than through the acceptance of them, are not laws.

This is the teaching, then, that needs to be brought in this day, and particularly by this one that that which has been moral training, that which has been rules for the sake of rules must be abandoned in this time. There must be ignored that polarity that has existed between the sexes, just as there must be eliminated that polarity that exists between man and God.

This is the ending of the age of duality. This is the purpose of the age. This is the purpose of this teacher who has come as a catalyst to ignore that which was conventional rules concerning the duality of man, not only between man and God, but between the sexes.

We would find under the manifestation of the planet Adam, as it comes into play in this century, that there will no longer be the physical duality of the sexes. There is being prepared, even on this plane in this day, the mental conditioning, the emotional conditioning. For it is the purpose of this generation to lift the mental body to the higher plane. Just as the Atlanteans perfected the physical body on your plane, so it is the purpose of this generation, of this subrace that now exists, to perfect the mental body that would be the higher manifestation of the physical body.

In the same manner, the new subrace, being prepared even in this day, would perfect the spiritual body and the bodies in which the manifestations come on this sphere of Earth, will become less dense and more of the ethers.

This is seen in the heart of this one. Even in this moment there is coming the understanding of these higher levels of existence and that which has been taught as the Second Coming, that has been taught as the catastrophe of this planet and the ending of this age, is coming into manifestation within this heart.

December, 1972

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