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Signs of a Major Initiation

You are moving, as it were , to a second of the three schools established by the Manu of Alta, the third school being the Temple of Initiation. There are a number of reasons for this change in your life at this time. It would be important for you to recognize that this change is more, much more, than a change of job. It is the passing of a major initiation.

You may be aware that there are both major and minor initiations to be made in life. What you describe in your question and your approach to this Source, this Hall of Records, is the experience of dying to the past and re-beginning the life. This description is of a major initiation, not a minor initiation. And so it is that not a small portion of your life will be changed by this change in career, but rather the entirety of your life, meaning even the circle of friends, acquaintances will change. The style of living will change, your consciousness, your thinking will change, and the devotion of your life will be to a higher purpose. You have recognized from within yourself, from your own guidance, that it is time to complete the initiation of the Temple of Sacrifice and to move to a greater work.

It is important for you to realize that your changing of a job was not simply changing your mind. It was rather, from inside yourself listening to your own higher guidance as if the Source of yourself, as if God were speaking to you. You have completed this course. You have another step to take. Thus, in a sense, you are correct in suggesting that it is a new and different karma, and yet, at the same time, it is a continuation, or graduation, from one level of the experience of karma to another. It suggests, to say it in other words, that you have completed the karma associated with the Temple of Sacrifice, you have completed a lifetime of karma. You begin now on another lifetime of karma.

So it is that, while so many will not even complete the karma of a single past life time, you have, in fact, already passed one time of life, one period of service which brought you to be an initiate of the Temple of Sacrifice, and you begin another lifetime of karma, a step far beyond that most people experience.

There comes with it a responsibility, of course. You will also find opportunities to make known new understanding, new teaching to that new circle of people that you will enter.

February, 1992

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