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Mankind's Fascination with War

Q: Why is man so fascinated by war instead of peace?

A: Man is fascinated by war because he is divided against himself. This race began with a brain that is a single unit. That unit was not for the purpose of creating thought. It was not for the purpose of expanding man's ability to relate to the world around him. It is quite the opposite. The brain is not an instrument to extend man's consciousness into the sensory world around him. It is instead a filter, if you will, a condenser for the purpose of taking the magnitude of what is happening around you and reducing it to a level of tolerance which the physical body can manage.

Thus the brain of man is a reducer, not an expander of consciousness. And it has become separated upon itself as man confused his rational logic with his intuitive mind and began to argue within himself, stepping from the androgynous being, single minded with single purpose, an extension of the Christ, to the time of the fall when man sought to see himself as separate, individualistic, and became a champion of free will and separation from God, so did his brain separate one part from the other.

It has been his very nature from that day until this, except for those who learn to join those hemispheres by creating what you might call "neurons," or passageways of light, electricity of thought, of communication of one side of the brain to the other, and not only integrating one side of the brain with the other but transcending it with creating a cap, a crown of enlightenment as is symbolized by the crowns, the caps, the skullcaps, the yarmulke, and that worn by Islam as well, of several nations, that symbolize the desire within the heart of man to unify the brain again.

For man's true mind is not located in the brain, or even resting on the brain, but even resting in his center, and is closest to the heart. The heart as well is not a pump, as would seem, but is responsive. And it is in the heart of man, only in the heart of man that blood not only is not pumped by that organ, but in that organ blood stands still for a moment. And in that standing still, that quiet, that tiny death in every breath, this is the stillness that is the reason of that the ancients have spoken of the Christ coming into the heart of man, not the brain. But in that opening of the gateway that is the heart so a man has access to the higher world and the crown of enlightenment that man finally receives at the mountaintop, which is the crown of man, the aura which radiates above his head, so man can be joined to his source from above of light, and linked as well to the Mother below through his feet.

And a part of the condition of separation of man is the attempt of man to separate himself from the Earth out of fear, separating himself by all means, whether of concrete or steel or glass or brick. So afraid to put his feet into the Earth, his mother, afraid that he might be joined to her again, and so even the bodies are buried in vaults in your attempt to keep from the mother what she gave to you. There is much conflict in the mind and the heart of man, and until that is ended in individuals even a dozen or so, and it would not be the first time in history that a dozen have changed the path of mankind in his course.

Let there be a dozen among you who through absolute purity will rejoin themselves with the Heaven above and the Earth below, and stand in between as one joined, as in the lines of the hexagram in which all lines are unbroken (I-Ching, Heaven #1), there is peace and power in Heaven and Earth and man joined together in one unit. Then man will not be fascinated by war, but will learn from a true love that is not the attempt to satisfy his appetites to accomplish this. But a love that is giving from one to the other without fear that the other will take advantage.

All these steps in growth must be accomplished that you find even one body in which the Christ might manifest alive and complete. And that body would have no identity of it's own, would only be a vessel, a vehicle of the Christ. And so would that man be as much the Christ as Jesus himself. And if that could be accomplished in two of you, then there would be two on Earth as powerful as the Christ has ever been, whether in Jesus or other manifestation. And if there be two Christs on Earth, then it would change the consciousness of the planet. If there be three, you will join the greatest portion of this planet to its source. And if there be four, then you will have joined the four cardinal directions into one single point in the center of this solar system. And if it be five or six or finally twelve, only twelve are required to lift the consciousness of man beyond even the nature of this planet so that the imbalanced movement of the planet would be corrected, it's relationship to other bodies in the celestial systems would be changed.

And you would see those phenomenon that are referred to as the stellar events, as if the stars have fallen, the moon turned to dripping blood, the Earth renewed and wrapped in a robe of light, shining to rejoin the sun. These things may be difficult to visualize or even to understand, and even frightening if you knew their implications. But it will come that as a result of the war that is being fought this day, this planet Earth will be so destabilized that virtually every mountain and valley, every sea will be changed in its geographical nature quite literally. earthquakes as have been prophesied since the beginning of time will change the face of the Earth. But all this is the labor pains for the birth of a new Eden on Earth. And then you will know that mankind would never have appeared on this planet were not the planet sufficient to his every need to live to survive.

And so it shall be again, when all that is false, all that is manipulated and denatured about the face of the Earth, be broken down and returned to the Earth.... then shall Eden bloom again, and man live in harmony and there shall be no more war. And there will not be a dark side and light side of Earth, even in the literal sense. For light will shine on every side. There will be no more night, nor need of sleep. Sleep is not needed when the brain is not bi-cameral. Then when these things are healed, man becomes whole, then shall we find a new Heaven and a new Earth established.

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