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Paul Solomon
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Pray for the Assistance of the Angels

Be aware that as often as you sit down to a table or a desk or the places where you will work if you would sit down saying, "I will do this," and then set yourself apart to do it, we are helpless here.

Hear us! But if sitting down and looking upon that task to be done, you say, "Servants of the Almighty, be with me in this that it might be done according to our Father's will," then there we will be looking over the shoulder, and guiding the hand, and whispering in the ear. We will take part as surely as you call upon us; we will be there! But you must give us entry by your asking. In all things that you do, ask the Master.

We delight to be with you and share in the ministry, but He will not let us, and so we wait. And we see the work, and we think, and we project, and we say (to you), "Please, go to the Father and ask Him that He will send us, that we may share in what you attempt to do." And we wait, and we watch.

And when you pray, with delight we rush forth, bands of us from here, and attempt to share and inspire what you do. If only you could see that occurring now about us here, for there are groups of us who say with delight, "Amen," to what we speak in this moment, and thrill to the prospect that you will call ever more upon us.

We see in the distance the Master of masters. And when we share in this way with you, He draws a little nearer to us and to you. He passes and we grow.

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