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Improving Concentration and Focus

Now, as to building of ability of this mind, that is, there is a great tendency toward boredom here unless there is information taken in at a quick and challenging rate. For the mind has the tendency to race on to other things and to build images and such that are distracting from the central focus and purpose and attempt quite too many many things at once.

Then, in two manners or appliations we can rebuild the tendency of the mind first in this way: that there be the gathering of large quantities of information at once that manner, pattern, of speed reading. That is, that there be taken large groups of words, letters, amounts of information at a time skipping quickly through it. That the mind is challenged to keep up with the eyes in such a way. Begin a habit of reading in that manner and obtain instruction in doing so. This will be of considerable help in overcoming the lack of concentration.

Now, that other suggestion will be almost as you would see it, perhaps the opposite, that is, the focusing on a single thing, an object or an image in particular in a medetative state or in something as in this manner. That there will be the sitting and the quiet, the sitting with the spine erect, but the head held erect by such as hig-back chair or leaning against the wall and relaxation.

Fix in the mind a chosen image, even if it has to be drawn first in detail, such as a vase. Look at the appearance of the vase and choose that you will hold. Place it in the mind's eye against a black or blank background or wall or such without anything surrounding and hold this image the detail of the vase, the image, in consciousness, elimanating all other things from the mind.

Now, in this particular mind, you will find this occuring. That the vase will float here and there about and other images and other things will come in and you will find extreme difficulty in holding a single image without other things. That there be then the simple practice mental exercise of holding, if forming and holding, for there will be difficulty in even forming the image in the beginning.

Practice daily for as long a period of time as can be tolerated - twenty minutes or so of hoding the image in the mind until there is the ability to eliminate all other all other things. The mind must be trained not to hop here and there and skip and jump to other ideas, other things, but train the mind in the ability to hold the one single image until firmly there is the ability to do so.

Then train the mind to turn the images, that is rotate it about and move it here and there. Change the colors and such, but only on command, not spontaneously, that is, that the vase would seem to change itself, but respond only to that you request within the mind.

Now, thirty days or so of this, if there be absolute concentration, that is practice on it each day for thirty days, you will find the ability to concentrate the mind, the eyes on anything that you would take in, and eliminate all other things focusing the intention and extending the memory considerably as well as the ability to take in information quickly.

As you combine these two techniques, you'll find a sharpening of focus and imagery and ability to concentrate and retain that you place the mind on.

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