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"Law of One"

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All spiritual teachings since the beginning of time discuss the Law of One.   This particular discourse is the most personally profound teaching I have ever experienced in my studies of the Law of One.  The phrase, "You are not an atom of the universe, you are the Universe,"  has been the foundation of my meditations for 27 years, since the first month I met Paul and was introduced to the Source.

Source: It would be seen that in the understanding of mathematics,  . . . (that) once there is found that formula by which all numbers return to one, it will be realized that this is the formula of the universe. That is, in the understanding of the universe, in the understanding of the total concept, all returns to one.

Therefore . . . there cannot be the acceptance of (only one) school of thought in that which you call religion or concept of spirituality. For this one must integrate the teachings of all the masters into one and this integration will come in the realization that these masters were indeed not masters plural, but Master. Or, that is, they were not spirits plural, but Spirit.

This is the Law of One. This one must see himself not as an individual, (or) not as the importance of being individual. This one must understand that, until my brother is raised to a higher plane, I cannot manifest on higher planes.

There is a universal law that requires that we raise our brothers around us.   Those vibrations that are raised within us, we share with others. We (should not) seek to be (the) more spiritual (one) or the more enlightened one, but we (should) seek to be that channel of enlightenment that would raise our entire race a little closer to the Godhead.

For without the evolvement of the entire universe,  there cannot be the evolvement of a single soul, for we are not a single soul, we are part of the whole.

You are not an atom of the universe, you are the Universe. This is the Law of One.

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Topic Posted 7/15/98

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