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Discourse on the Colors of the Chakras

Do understand, as we give these colors, that the colors express the character of the chakra rather than being descriptions of the colors produced by a chakra.

In this sense, then, that of the initial or sacral being that of bright clear red, and shoud be stimulated with that color in mind.

The second, of bright orange, and clear.

The third, of yellow, of sunlit yellow, for this is the sun center and should be seen gathering and giving forth the energies of the sun, or solar energies.

Of the heart, of blue, for these purposes.

Now for the purposes of meditation and such, that would be of green, of balance, but for these purposes of massage, use blue, for this reason: the blue is the cooling, the cleansing, to the blood and will cancel those of red, or excitement, in these stimulations.

That of green, then, will be uses on the throat, for the throat in these used for communication and will need the green for the balance here, for the purification and for the balance. These would be reversed in normal circumstances, that is, green at the heart and blue at the throat.

For the massage, then, blue at the heart, green at the level of the throat.

Between the eyes, then, at the center of the brain, use a violet or indigo.

These may used interchangeably. We use violet in these for the reason that it is a stimulating Indigo used at this level, then, will tend to cool and deactivate.

As there is desire to activate the chakra, rather, use then violet and white, pure white, as a light at the crown, at that top center, then, and as related to the pituitary.

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