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Leap With Joy At The Recognition Of Christ

Let your message, your foundation for life be this: "I have in my experience called upon the Christ, and I have found that He causes a response in me. And though I have not seen Him with my eyes, nor touched Him with my hand, I have felt a spirit inside me leap with joy at the recognition of Christ."

Read about it. Read that phrase that says that Mary went to visit with Elizabeth, and both had sons in their wombs. And when Elizabeth met the servant Mary, the baby in her bosom leapt for joy.

Let it be ever so that the spirit that is within you, the spirit of life is ignited, it touched when you seek to invoke the presence of Christ. Or even when your mind recognizes some reference to the Christ that there be a bold leap right inside of you, just beneath the heart. Feel the response both of the physical, the mental, and the spiritual within you, and knowing that all three reverberate together in harmony you will know that you have channeled the presence of Christ.

And if one of these is ever so slightly out of attunement you will find that the words are not there, or that if you mouth the words they might seem empty because of the lack of His presence in an attuned body and mind.

Let it be thus, that you step out, as He has said, without purse, without support as it were, and boldly go .... with the joy and the spirit of Christ.

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