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More on the Temple Beautiful and Telepathic Rapport

You both were awakened to spirit self, and spiritual awareness in the Temple Beautiful. The memory of the awakening of the soul in the context of the Temple Beautiful remains with a soul who has been awakened through that specific initiation. This ever then becomes the influence of the soul, that which draws the soul closer to the Source, will be a connection with the first awareness of Source.

For some, this first awareness came through the Temple of Sacrifice, or through the physical and mental. For others through the Temple of Initiation, through archetypes, symbols, and what is thought of as magic, miracles, prayer, even faith and religion. Others were awakened through beauty.

Beauty in the sense specifically as written of by Plato. Look at Plato's writings on beauty as God, and you will see that Plato was the initiator of the Temple Beautiful, and his writings reflect that. Thus, you are souls who awakened together in that context and have ever been influenced in times of return. In some instances as musicians, others as artists, but in times when both art and music were Temple exercises.

That is to say, the Earth has known a history, a time in history when art and music were considered so sacred they may only be expressed publicly by priests or priestesses, required ordination, as you would call it today, license, authority. Whether in the times of dynastic, and pre-dynastic Egypt, in Greece, in Chaldea, and other periods including a time when these were monastic disciplines in the Middle Ages. From these you have returned again and again together, and it is even fair to say that in his music you hear not so much his music as the memory of him, one with whom you have been close and fond, have grown together, and have soul memory.

Not only soul memory, but telepathic rapport, so that often what you call synchronistic events relating to his music, or his thoughts, are a matter of telepathic rapport, or a soul rapport and contact. Those who have in times past been one together, one together meaning a sacred marriage, marriage on all seven levels of the human soul, have developed a rapport which allows for telepathic communication. Telepathic communication occurs naturally in any two people who are without reservation in love with one another.

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