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What is the most evolutionary thing for all mankind that hasn't been given in previous readings?

Yes, we have that body and those records and these witnesses and the inquiring minds of those gathered here. And we would see that in the giving of that which you ask worded in such a manner, it would require that we give that which is beyond the ability of the minds to accept.

Although that which may be given, that which would be most evolutionary to the growth of all gathered and concerned here may be given in this manner that the minds will be able to understand: That there is not choice on your plane as to whether or not I would pursue spiritual growth. For these have been put upon this planet, upon this plane of manifestation, for the purpose of evolving. That which you call spiritual growth is only a portion of that evolvement.

Those, then, on your plane have no choice but to face those situations that are given as lessons for those purposes. Then whether or not one would apply the self for the progress in spiritual growth would be a choice. But whether or not one would face those situations that provide naturally the spiritual growth are part of the experience on this plane. For it was an attempt to produce the growth, or an attempt to return to the Godhead, which thou art, that truest nature, that you came into being on this plane.

Then take care as you face each day, and as you face the situations of the day. For it is not another, it is not thy brother or thy sister, nor yet even that which you would call thy God that you deal with when you make the decision, I will or I will not apply myself to those lessons of spiritual growth, or I will not give this amount of time or that amount of time for spiritual growth, but I will seek the pleasures of this Earth for a time and I will balance myself in these ways. But know that in that very decision, in the facing of such situation in that manner it was in itself a spiritual lesson. Know as well that that which you fail to face this day thou wilt face on the morrow.

Now it was given of Him and has oft been repeated, "God is not mocked. Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap." If you would take the time, then, that is given so precious in this existence and cast it then to the swine, so you will reap. And as you feed the body on that food of the swine, so shall it become. Then in meeting that which has been given on this plane, in facing the situations that you are given to meet in this body, would you then make a choice or strike a balance between the good and the evil, or between the growth periods and that which would be pleasure, or that that would be cast away or thrown aside?

And would you complain and say, "There is too much required of me, I cannot give my time constantly to spiritual growth." Then see in the choosing of this body, on this plane, thou hast made that choice. Each act, each breath you take is a lesson in spiritual growth. Not that you need growth, but all the time belongs to thy God. Then choose this day whom you will serve, and follow that choice.

That which is most evolutionary that may be given on this night is this realization: You cannot have Christ, His Awareness, His Consciousness, His Body, His Light, His Teachings, until you want Him more than the world. Self must be crucified. It is not a decision to be made daily whether I would follow the Christ. But having made the decision, then follow, and use the time wisely upon this plane, that you would build that which would last through eternity.

Know that He has not given a set of rules that you may say this is right, that is wrong, but only that new commandment which He gave that thou shalt love one another. Having said this, then is not all said? For the only sin, then, is self, and that selfishness that would deprive others of that growth.

For no man alone can grow into the Kingdom. It is only in assisting others that you would make your way into His arms.


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