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Is it possible for a woman to mentally control whether or not she becomes pregnant and how is this done?

We see this not only as possible but often practiced, and it would be the most common control, not only of controlling the birth, or avoiding the birth, but also of bringing the birth. It is seldom on your plane that there is an accidental conception. That is, a woman has brought conception within herself. The body has decided and programmed that which would be birth, even though the conscious mind of the woman, or the couple involved may not have desired it.

It should be given as well that even the father may control the birth, even in this manner. That the lack of desire on the part of the father may prevent the conception by producing sterility within himself, and often is done even on your plane.

However, it should be given that there are many factors to be considered in one who would attempt to practice such control for this reason: Fears so often on your plane are subconscious wishes. Where there is a feeling of guilt within a person and a feeling of need to be punished, then there would be brought into the life that wish of punishment the conscious mind would deny as being a desire.

Therefore, there must be the analysis of wishes, of desires. There has to be the purity within, and the singleness of purpose. The following of Thy Will, or Divine Will, within. For Divine Will is that which the soul ultimately desires and will bring into the growth process of the soul. These are the considerations of such control, and are ideal situations for control of birth. For that which comes is that which the soul would need.

If you would understand then, that which would come, be in contact with the soul or that higher part of self. Know self within, and by conquering the Law, one becomes the Law, producing the Law within self. Does not one control the self? The entire body, and all its processes may be controlled in any way by that mind who has become the builder and in control of self.


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