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How may I understand my dreams?

Now for the interpretation of the dreams, there need not be the turning outside of self, but we would give these two instructions: First of all, that you would record daily the dreams. You would pick from the dreams the consistent personalities. For example, each female in the dream would be set apart and there would be the comparison of personalities which appeared. And see that the predominant figure in the dream, whether male or female, is self. In so doing, in the comparing of the dreams, the symbologies and images in the dream, it will be found that there is a running thread of symbology which relates to self. Then one's own symbology must be established in this manner so that self can interpret the dreams. No one else can interpret dreams for you unless there be the psychic or the intuitional interpretation, for the symbols are those established within self. See this in this manner, that you would establish your own symbology and use these.

Now as the dreams are interpreted realize that the symbology will change. As dreams are lifted to a higher level, as there is the spiritual progress, the nature of dreams will change, the symbology of the dreams will change. Understand this and expect it, but continue to establish the symbology pattern of the dreams. Realize as well that that force that lies inside of you, that is able to give instruction is the same force that is able to construct these dreams and give them for the instruction and is able, as well, to interpret these dreams.

If there would be found the inability to understand that which is being said through the dreams, remember two things: First of all, that person who cannot interpret his own symbology, that person who does not listen to self and cannot interpret his dreams, is the person out of tune with self.

See this person in this manner: That the reason there is not a proper interpretation of the dream is that outer self is refusing to listen to the message of inner self. Then tell the inner self, speak to the outer self and say in this manner, "I am willing to accept what the 'I Am' speaks to me. I am willing to understand and respect you as the God force within me. I know that you are me, I know that you are God, I know that you are giving instructions. I am willing to accept."

In this manner there will be the closer relationship between the inner level and the outer levels of self. The self will become a more integrated person and will realize that instruction comes from within.

This one will realize that this is not an entity apart from God. Set apart there is no law, there is no sense between the expression of the universal creative forces and that creative force itself. You are an expression of God. See not self as a separate entity separated from God. Become a part of Him, an extension of Him, an expression of Him in His world and accept Him in this manner. See no one else on this plane as being closer to the God force than self. For how can one become closer than you to the God force that lies within you? No one is closer to the Spirit of God than self. You need not turn to others for interpretation, or expression of Him. Get to know Him that is the You of you.

You will understand yourself and God better in this manner. There will be the understanding of all that religion is, and there will be the transcending, the superseding of religion for that which is true Spirit, God force Himself. In so doing there will be the ability to help others, that is, there will be a light that would shine into the world.

Now this is an automatic function. It is not meant that this one would attempt to spread abroad the Light of God, He will automatically occur. When there is that spark fanned into flame, self will become transparent. That is, the bulb that is not lit is obvious, you only see the bulb. Once the bulb is lit, once it is tuned into the power, once the light force shines from within it, there is no longer seen the bulb, but only that light that is shed abroad.

As there is the attuning of self to the Light Forces inside for this one, there will automatically be the shedding of the Light of God.


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