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Mars and The Pole Shifts

There have been some recent news articles about Mars coming closer to Earth than it has been in over 73,000 years, as referenced from this article - Mars to Get Closer than Ever in Recorded History in 2003! So I wanted to share a few excerpts that reference the possible effects of event on our planet, Earth.

Reading 1:
The willful destruction growing on this planet has, will cause and is causing imbalance in the magnetic field about the planet that will hurl the whole planet into the path of that red planet of war, Mars, upsetting and disturbing the atmospheres. As the atmospheres collide, so will not much be left recognizable upon this ball of Earth. (no date)

Reading 2:
There should not be such a great loss of life in your lifetime from earthquake and volcanic activity. However, the greater danger is that done to the enviroment, not only through the burning of fossil fuels, the creation of acids in the atmosphere, the destruction of the ozone, the depletion of the oxygen and such, but the change in the weather patterns is also drastic. It is these weather patterns that changes the weight of the polar ice caps and throws off balance Earth's orbit. This allows for the approach , and we are talking after the year 2000, of the passing of Mars at the nearest point that Earth and Mars have passed in a few thousand years.

Now this is Verifiable. Look at the paths and see that they become close enough to have magnetic influence upon one another. And if the Earth is shifted even slightly out of its normal movement and rotation, orbit, you shall have the shifting of the poles as has been spoken of. (Rdg # 1332, 4/3/88)

Reading 3:
And this area will be found in those series of changes or some three slippages of the Earth's crust. As there is the passing close of that Red Planet, so will the crust of the Earth be attracted toward it. As it would be approaching, so then that upper pole, or the North Pole, will point in the direction of its advance.

Then as Mars comes to its point nearest the Earth, so then the North Pole will point directly upward. And in the passing away of its presence from Earth, so then would the poles shift again, a third time, toward the opposite direction.

So that there will be three separate temperature changes in this area, making near to impossible the survival of any animal species or plants, either in this area or upon the most of the surface of this planet. (Rdg #193, 7/73)

Final Notes:
These articles from Scienfic discuss events concerning Earth's magnetic fields and pole shifts - Satellites Spy Changes to Earth's Magnetic Field and Why does the Earth's magnetic field flip over the course of history?.

My thanks to James Bishop for assisting me in organizing this information.

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