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A Sleeping Man
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"To Enter Into the Kingdom Of Heaven"

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This very beautiful Source Reading Excerpt discusses one of the key teachings of the Christ . . . Entering into the Kingdom of Heaven . . .

Source: You were one of those alive on this Earth at the time when the Master of Masters walked (the Earth).  And you were among those of the children who gathered about Him, (of) which you have only a brief mention in the Sacred Scriptures.   There is a bit more to the story than is found there.

For you see, Jesus the Christ was one given to spending time with children.   When you read of the Apostles, who gathered about him, being somewhat impatient with his spending time with the children, (understand) these were the children of the fields who, in this day and time, you would see as the children of the streets or the neglected children. But when you read of the Christ sitting with these children on the mountainside and teaching them, it should be seen as more than that.  For He also was playing games with them, quite literally, as a child would play.

And the Apostles, so concerned with the learning of Universal Law and the deep mysteries and truths, had a very difficult time seeing this playful rabbi whiling his time with the children, and did not understand. And so you have record of that time when He was called upon by the Apostles . . . for one of these disciples of the Christ had . . .  the audacity to question the activity of this Master of Masters, "Why, when there are so many to teach, when there is so much to be done, why are you giving your time among these children?" And the Master responded, "Unless you become as one of these, you shall not enter the Kingdom of Heaven."

And several things were meant by that communication.  Children have the ability to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven until such a time (they are) taught to abandon that part of the mind that lives in the spirit world, that lives in what adults have called "the imagination."

And children, sitting on a hillside watching the sheep or at play, have the ability to see, to dream, to build castles in the air. This portion of the mind  is trained out of children as they reach adolescence, when they are forced to think as adults, (then) they lose the ability to live among, walk among and be aware of the angels who are about them. And this is one of the meanings of the story as given here.

And then, there is another. For children do not see themselves as without worth. Becoming as a child is to become one who has renewed the understanding that nothing is impossible. All things are possible. And children in their early time know this. But adults, becoming more practical, limit themselves to what is considered practical at their time.

In so many ways, He meant unless you become as innocent, as joyous, as playful, and unless you open all parts of the mind, the imagination, and the intuitive mind, which can listen to the Source and can dream dreams, unless you become one of these, you cannot enter the Kingdom. Thus one must learn again to play.

1994 Paul Solomon Foundation

Topic Posted 6/18/98

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