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Mind, the Greatest Influence on the Body

Yes, we have the records of the soul and witnesses gathered.

Now, to the building of influences which have manifest in this lifetime, we would have you look at this: There has ever been on your planet, since the time of the Manu, the Great Ones who came to teach and to awaken the souls on the planet. There has ever been some vestige of the great temples that they built and initiated.

As an example, the work of what was called the Temple Beautiful continues in some forms, even today, as there is the impulse in the heart of man to form things of great beauty, which attempt to express the energies and the Presence of God in the world. Whether these are of the great stained glass windows or in forms of temples. Whether they come from the simple painting of the body, as is so commonly done in primitive cultures, by applying the clays and the influence of plants, of white paint, and the paints of colors in patterns about the face and the body. These masks, body painting and face painting as such, ever attempt to express the flow of force, or Divine energy through the body, and attempt to have influences upon the direction of those energies within the body.

Now, these things are practiced, whether in primitive cultures, or in sophisticated cultures where there is the use of color and design in clothing, and in make-up, as you would call it. These applications of color, form and style are the result of soul memory of the teachings of these ancient priests which attempt to say that you can use the subtler energies of color, of music, of design and form to influence both your health and your thinking, the mind and the body.

For this soul to whom we speak, you were one of those given to the practice of the arts, the science, for it was a science, the earliest expression of sciences among men. The science that encouraged the evolution of consciousness by the influences of diet, health, exercise, rhythm, music and color.

The understanding from this ancient time remains today in your heart in a sort of realization that what is called science today, or the limitation of science today, is a false limitation. So the heart and the mind are attracted to the forms of science which encounter the subtler forces. Subtler forces as some think of as magic, or even religion, but these sciences attempt to make a whole person harmonious and as powerful as a person can be.

So the heart is intrigued with the work of those who have been the mystics, the occultists, who know for a certainty that the harnessing of the energies and the powers of the mind influence the body, and that the body's limitations can be overcome by enlightening the mind.

Then, to speak of times of return, you have been involved in this early time in both the Temple Sacrifice and the Temple Beautiful. You need not understand to a great degree the working of these temples except to say this: In the times of return, since those early experiences which were both in Alta and in Greece, and times in the East as well, in those influences you set a soul pattern so that the soul became concerned with the perfection of the body, or health. But not so much through physical applications, or medicine, but through right thinking. And even more, the soul has been given to the influences of color, of those influences of meditation, and the attunement of the mind which causes results of harmony in the body.

The soul has the ability to understand that while the factors of diet, exercise and lifestyle influence the physical body, the understanding goes further to know that the way the mind thinks is the greatest influence. A confusion of the mind, or disharmony in the mind and thought, will lead the body to eat from the wrong balances or substances, thus producing difficulties in the physical body.

But it is the nature of your heart to understand that it is not the elements of the diet that are the original cause of the results in the body, but elements in the thinking patterns, or the mind which lead the appetites to wrong substances and subsequently affect the body.

Now, we speak of these influences for this reason. That in this lifetime you have a need to develope the application, or the discovery, in the bringing out of beauty in women, directed toward making women feel better about themselves, thus lifting the spirit. This is the function of a priestess of the Temple Beautiful.

And if it can be understood as a sacred ministry, then the work-a-day tasks become thought of in a new and different way. And you initiate yourself as a priestess in this time, seeing the opportunity for a holy work. Now, there was a time in ancient Greece when your activities with this same sort of ministry was in a sense more complete, in that there was established there a resort, if we might call it that. It was given to the purpose of making a new person, or making a new woman. So that a woman brought to those environs was led through times of exercise and play.

The diet was directed and taught. Thinking patterns were communicated so that the emotions and the consciousness were lifted, harmonized, attuned. And then she was introduced to the colors most harmonious with her body and thought. And the designs and styles came together so that one left this temple, as it were, feeling new and having been made new. A new start in life, as it were.

The functions were of healing, beauty and thought. So that even in that later time in Greece, thousands of years after your first experience in Alta with these sacred temples, so still was there a rather effective resort, or spa, or temple established among the Greeks at the Hill of Aphrodite, or Acra Corinth, and the environs about that. The portions of this temple, or school, were to be found at Epidourus and Eleusus.

And the three of these together, the temple of Aphrodite being of the physical and beauty, Epidourus of the healing, and Eleusus of the training of the mind and creativity. So that here again in this much later period we find the clustering of the three temples.

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