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The Awakening of Human Consciousness
to the God Within

The soul in the most recent past lifetime experienced a very crippling disease. The entire left side of the body was in paralysis for much of that time, and there was a dependence upon others to maintain the health and the needs. It developed a sharp awareness in the self of the need for the care of the life, the body, the health, the diet, and the exercise in a balanced manner.

Now, in that experience, you were healed through great effort of those who brought to the limbs, that of massage, of the application of hot sand, of the moving of the arms and legs in a patterned motion, similar to what would be called in this time physical therapy. The experiences of that time, the loss of some of the control of the body, came as a result of hunger, famine and difficulties in the land that came as a result of war and of changes within the society.

Now, that lifetime came something as a result of the experience of compassion in earlier times. And this might well be understood, for you worked among the healers of several places again and again in the cycles of return, whether of the Therapeutae in their various centers throughout the world, though not that famous center in Jordan, nor of Epidourus, though the teachers were from these environs. And you travelled through the areas of Egypt, of Persia, of Palestine, and gave and taught applications of water, of herbs, of hot and of cold, of exercise for the perfection of mind and body.

But in the earliest encounter with consciousness, your soul in its development encountered the priests who came from an ancient land, an ancient time and built facilities which are now often referred to as temples, but should be thought in terms of schools or hospitals. Those often referred to as the temples Beautiful, Initiation, and Sacrifice.

Your main experience was in the Temple Sacrifice, which we refer to as something of a hospital facility in the sense, yet not in the sense of a modern hospital for the treating of disease. It was, in fact, called in that time, "gymnos," and is the derivation of the term, gymnasium. The particular temple in which you developed a consciousness in that time was in the environs of ancient Greece, where the temple concerned itself with great pools of naturally heated water by which there was a cold spring.

These were in the mountains where eventually there developed the school of Delphi, or the temple there. The work of the Gymnos was the training of the body and the mind to use all those elements of nature, sand, clay, mud, and the hot and cold waters. The hot waters there ran with sulfur. These were used both internally and externally for the regular cleansing of the system.

You were trained further in the use of the vegetables and herbs, particularly that which grew wild for developing a sharpness in mind, body, and spirit. This was a facility of sport and games, of exercising in a playful way, in a natural way. Not of competition, and not of stressing the body, but in allowing the body to express the energies, the vital forces which flowed through it.

It could be described that in that very early time, you were among those beings who were hardly self-conscious, developing from those periods in which were called the "animal day." There was the habitation of a body that might be called pre-human in the sense, for it was a physical body in which a soul incarnated, but did not understand self as a unit.

It was the responsibility of the priests and the teachers of that time to awaken within you, and within others, the development of consciousness to begin to recognize beauty through rhythm, harmony, and color. This was the function of the Temple Beautiful through experiences of play, of drama, of rhythm, of art and the creation of beauty.

You were awakened to the awareness of the magic of beauty and creativity, and so became self-conscious. The development of the mind, then, in the body was taken further in the Gymnos, or Temple of Sacrifice, where the body and minds of these early humans were trained in self-awareness and the abilities to think, to think for self, to know self. And this was the origin of the great Greek admonition, "Know Thyself!"

For this was a technique of the awakening of human consciousness to the God within. Now, we mention this experience in some detail because the soul is aware in this lifetime of the importance of maintaining consciousness, of lifting consciousness, of making the body and the mind instruments through which one can know God and know self, and know harmony and balance.

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