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Importance of Solar Energy and Pyramid Energy

There will be cooperation with thee someone who is an engineer and would understand the focusing of solar energy through crystal that may be used in cooperation with the pyramid energy. That is the focusing of these energies not only for the building of tissues in the human but for the reversal of the aging process within the human. There would be the understanding that these are the natural ways for the preservation of self and provision for self, particularly in this age of destruction, as we find Earth changes coming.

Use these opportunities then to understand, to research and to teach those natural methods, particularly concerning the Earth and the geometric energy patterns of the Earth for practical uses. For the energies have been discovered and there is awareness. There has not been brought in the practicality of the use of such energy and this would be an opportunity for thee for this subject of experimentation.

Now it has been given that even under the Great Pyramid, or in the hall before it and below the Sphinx, there is, even unto this day, food that was stored by the Atlanteans from their culture. Both fruits and preserves are stored that would be edible even in this day from the use of pyramid energy used to preserve these living foods. And there might be the understanding that even in this day such energies might be focused and become useful in your time. Understand these then as the natural methods, the natural ways of life.

There is so much to be taught and there are books that await on this plane that simply need to be channeled through a receptacle, one who is of the disciplines of Mercury. One who might understand those messages that would come from within and record these on paper, for the books, the teachings, the disciplines are prepared already by the Masters and wait on these planes. Realize that all books are written first on inner planes, and then presented through those who become receptacles on your plane to deliver the messages of the Divine. So many here have given so much for the development of our understanding of the Divine and the various disciplines that would be the teachings, the paths towards the central realization. There is so little time on your plane for the understanding of these as men count time.

For there is much that needs to be realized. There is much that needs to come in the processes of evolution on your plane. And these disciplines must go on, this plane must be raised to higher levels. There is so much attempt on inner planes to reach channels through which we may speak, that we may manifest. That we may teach those on this plane those laws concerning healing, those laws concerning the natural development of the human, and realize that the time is finished when there will be the progress in scientific and automated methods.

On your plane there must be the turning to the natural methods. This race must prepare itself for living without those artificial disciplines that have been developed. Hence, we find those as this couple who have come with the natural desires and memories, the innate desire to prepare self for those days when that which comes as so many artificial methods, the machinery, the technology of your day will be destroyed. The Earth will be devoid of that which you depend on in this day for sustenance. There will need to be the understanding of the natural protection of Nature, of Earth, of the Mother God.


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