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St John 1:1 Revisited

The correct interpretation of those first words of the writing of John (New Testament, Book of St. John 1:1) said, "In the beginning God expressed Himself, and the expression of God is God being expressed."

That is to say, the Son of God is God expressing Himself, God, the Father, the Unmanifest, and God the Son, the Manifest of God. This Son being known as the Word, or the Logos. The Logos from the Greek being correctly interpreted as expression.

God expressed Himself and the expression of God is Love, living. Living Love which is the Light, which is the enlightenment of every man who has come into the world. The ability to be enlightened, the ability to think, to have Light, to be alive, to know self and God, this is the Word made flesh who lives among us and is in every man, though some do not know it.

To those who know, who discover that the Life in them, the Light, the ability to love, this is the Child of God. This is the very Christ. To those, who come to know, are given the gift of being the Sons and Daughters of God.

Re-establish the Law of Love. The Law of Love, which is the Law of Healing, which is the Law of Communication between God and man, between man and man on a level deeper than words through heart communication, the communication of the heart, that which gives one the ability to understand the heart of another.

READING #9185, 3/6/88

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