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A Sleeping Man
Speaks on . . .

"What's in the Hall of Records beneath the Great Pyramid"

Current Excerpt  
given at the Pyramid of Giza on
January 23, 1981

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Question:  You will give a complete description of what is contained in the Hall of Records and other rooms in the structures in or about the Pyramid.

Source: Many have thought and said that (the Hall of Records) were sealed until the evolution of consciousness . . . arrives at that point of attunement deserving of the information contained there. But it would be more accurate to say these records were stored against a time when they were needed. . . .

You are . . . on the brink of destroying the balance of the natural energies in and about this planet. And, in deed, affecting the balance of the entire system, the solar system, the universe itself. Then, the destruction of weather patterns, the imbalance of nature, the burning of fuels, has produced a difference in your atmosphere, both in temperature and the filtering of the rays of energy to your planet. All of these become threats to the existence of your race.

Within this Hall of Records, you will find formulas, descriptions of methods, very simple methods in truth, for harnessing, for using the power of nature itself. It is not necessary to take the fossil remains from the earth and burn it to produce energy on this planet.

The planet itself is designed in such a way, that holding its balance, its relationship through magnetic forces, through the forces of gravity and movement in relation to other bodies in the system, (it) produces enormous free energy. And it is simple, when working in harmony with nature, to use the energy nature produces and provides both through the movements of water on the planet and the influx of energy from the sun. Not just the energy of heat, not just solar energy, but rather magnetic and gravitational forces and these may be harnessed in a number of ways.

That most available through the use of crystals. It is no secret that crystals easily can accept the rays of the sun, focus and magnify them to produce a greater source of energy than it receives.

. . . As you see these devices and formulas of a past time, you’ll see them appearing to you as somewhat primitive and yet, in the application of them, far superior to that you now have.

The formulas concern the use of energy. The harnessing of energy in harmony with the planet in natural ways not needing the use of machinery as you know it, but focusing of the available energy through crystalline forms and harmonics. The use of sound and light primarily, and energies you do not have words for, but relate closely to that you call the ethers, electricity, magnetic energy and gravitational energy. These are there. And the use of the mind as a magnificent instrument of understanding of the Laws of the Universe, these formulas are there as well.

There are fragments of a culture, records of its source and beginnings. Records of the lives of these and even the preservation of such things as their garments, their instruments, even food is still stored there, both ediable and palatable. Seeds, seeds of such plants as you do not know in this time and will be useful in that period of recovery and the cleansing of the atmosphere.

And in this time when the atmosphere is so nearly destroyed, formula for cleansing and restoring the atmosphere and the balance of Earth so that (if) used appropriately, you will find a restoration of the Earth to a green place, a balanced planet.

1994 Paul Solomon Foundation

Topic Posted 6/10/98

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