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A Sleeping Man
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"Music & No Greater Service"

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Q. How can I use music in spreading the light? . . . (One of my favorites - Daniel Emmanuel)

A. In the Hebrew incarnation this one was a teacher on the dulcimer and played often in the temple of the Essenes.

This one was one of those who dismantled the temple of the Essenes sect at Carmel and buried those scrolls in the earthen jars in the caves (so) there might be a record of the sect.

It should be given in this incarnation that the development of talents, whether . . . of music or in art or (in) any other field, . . . this, then, is a service to the Light.

There is no greater service that can be performed on your plane than bringing a smile to the face of another. And, as there is played music that would bring happiness into hearts, joy into the lives of others . . . there is (spiritual) gain in this lifetime, and the greater attunement, the greater peace.

(However) if there is the playing . . . of music that would attract attention to the self and elevate the pride and ego, (these) would be the destructive forces.

Concentrate, then, on what would bring the smile to the lips of another, and peace in his heart.

1994 Paul Solomon Foundation

Topic Posted 2/20/98

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