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"How Long Between the Final Destruction and Rebuilding?"

Question: How long a time will there be between the final destruction and the beginning of the rebuilding?

Source: Somewhat begun immediately.  There will be assistance, for there will be the many souls coming from other planes, not in the sense that they would populate the Earth, but they would work here.   There will be sent the Masters, or those highly evolved souls, where there are communities, or those gathered, that would train these for the working out of their own karma, or that which they need to build.  So will they assist in those preparations of the new levels and giving the New Order after those times.  Somewhat will begin immediately then, as there is the added technology or abilities coming from these.  So will this be increased and will gain the momentum in some 200 years.

Date: 6/15/73

1994, Paul Solomon Foundation

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