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"Will polarity, duality, and separation of sexes still exist after the transition into the New Age?"

Question: Will polarity, duality, and separation of sexes still exist after the transition into the New Age?

Source: Understand in those minds of those coming, as this one in this time, that the very purpose for living is to usher in that age in which there would be no polarity expressed. Yet that is not seen in this time or not expressed in the heart of the people.  And so lovingly we express the looking forward to the coming of the day of our Lord, when there will be the ending of such polarity, such duality.

Now if there would be the greater understanding of the occult law for the expression of God as Father and the passivity or the nature or that acted upon as mother or feminine, then there would be the greater respect for the separation of terms. For it is not bad or wrong in itself, but rather an attempt to express that that exists in this day. If there is no expression for that that would be brought together, there would not be the ability to bring such together.

Then honor that separation of terms for that it is.  Consider one not greater than the other, but look forward to that day when such will be brought together as One. And bring within the self the use of that term as we have introduced, Elohim (male and female God in One).  Often say this term over and over as a mantra within the self, this term will be implanted in your culture and will be available for use.

Date: 10/9/73

1994, Paul Solomon Foundation

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