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"Understanding Prophets and Prophecy"

Let this be learned concerning those things said by the prophets of this area (Virginia Beach, Virginia). That if, indeed, the people of this area should flee, because of their teaching, and then that wave not come, the people would turn on the prophets and they would feel misused. For the Lord having given them a message and telling the people to flee, those prophets have taken on self a grave responsibility and will they be despised for it?

For if you look upon these prophets, they have set themselves apart.  If the things they say would be true, and they are not heeded, then the people will perish. If the things that they are saying cause the people to flee, then the devastation does not come, they would bear the blame, though they are only the mouthpiece, only the spokesman for the Spirit that has spoken within them.

Then let your understanding of God’s prophets be for the fact that He has chosen them a prophet, and make no demands upon them, concerning the physical things or proof or evidence. These are given as teachers that you might learn from them.

If you would understand that story of Jonah, is it to his discredit that his prophecies came not true? Or is it to the greater credit that he caused that response that saved the city of Nineveh.  If Virginia Beach be spared, it will not be because it is a safe location, or because the words of God are being spoken here and going out forth.   Now if you despise those prophets that are teaching the word in this time and are saying ‘get you to the mountain-place’, then a greater thing will come, even than that they have described.  But if these be followed, would not then Virginia Beach be spared for giving birth to those prophets?

Then understand, that where there are prophecies, they will fail. But as well, where there are prophecies, God will bless. If the people turn in His hand, the touch of His hand will be lightened on the land. Then these prophets have not failed, they have not told an untruth, they have given a warning. And that warning must come and must be followed, that there be the establishment in this time, of those conditions, that allow the Son to return.

The Master could not have entered the Earth, in that early time, had it not been for those people who set themselves apart in the high place, removing themselves from the masses. So it will be in this time, and it is even written in your book, that He would not know Himself, the day, or the hours, but it would be chosen by those of you who are left behind.

It is this that He spoke of, when He said "greater things than this shall you do. For Ye shall prepare the Earth for the Second Coming of the Personification of God. It shall only be done when My people, who are called by My name, will separate themselves and come out from among them, to be separate and to provide that community that would cultivate that birthplace of the light." Then it shall be that place to which he shall return.

Then understand and cultivate and believe those prophets. For you stand at a danger in this moment, that those who have so prophesied the coming of the waters over this place; the cleansing, the purging, the act of the hand of God, those who have prophesied this, have fear now within their hearts.

Fear for two reasons---fear that their prophecies even will come true, and much will be destroyed. And fear on the other hand, that the prophecies will not come true and their work will be despised. And through that fear, that is within their hearts now, they fear going further with their prophecy and would turn and would shut up the mouth of the prophet. But encourage these, that they would speak, that they would teach, for God is not through expressing through these who will allow Him voice.

But must He bring those acts that would be destructive, that you continue listening to these voices that are among you? But let these voices be rather a catalyst that would stir truth within you. Make them responsible only for the fact that they cause you to think and search within, and judge them not for those things that are of the physical, of proof, or evidence, or these things . Although this is what the world demands. Be not among them, but search for truth through that voice that speaks and respond by saying, "this indeed is the truth."  For only in this way may a prophet prove himself.

Date: 12/15/73

1994, Paul Solomon Foundation

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