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"The Middle East Time Table"

Question: Please examine the current situation in Israel and the Middle East, and describe where we stand in relation to the timetable for the events of the latter days.

Source: Look to this Fall (1976) for the beginning again of tensions in that area, that part of the land.  But realize, at the same time, that Israel is the group of believers, those baptized into the body of God, and not a nation, as you know it in this plane.

The karmic destiny of Israel has followed, with the group soul, the development of the consciousness in relation to the Father.  Then Israel, as the nation, is a point of focus for the group soul. Then love Israel, in particular, as that point of focus that she is, for she is a barometer for all the world, the cradle, the umbilicus, the place of entry for the birth of consciousness.

And the Master will return there, even as you saw Him leave. And the herald (John Peniel) will, appear there, and his work will be centered there.  It will be the reflection of the confusion of the masses, and a gathering place of the saints in this time.

And look for the preaching, the teaching, among the people there, saying, "Let us; rebuild this temple. Let us build a shrine that will be a focus of our national interest, the establishment of our national identity," as come the destruction of the shrine of one people for the erection of the shrine of another.

Come the sign, then, of the ending of the Earth as you know it. Let it be a focus for prayer, then. Identify with Israel, not saying that is another part of the world nor another people, for it is your birth place. You are the seed of Israel, having grown from her; and should see that nation, that karmic destiny, as a focal point of your own, a barometer of your consciousness. Watch the manner, in this coming time, of the reaction of your president and your people concerning Israel.

Date: 7/4/76

1994, Paul Solomon Foundation

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