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"The Lifting of the Veil"

Question: Please explain the phenomena of the lifting of the veil.

Source: Understand that this phenomenon came because of the death of the Master.

Examine that that has occurred in South America, in that time so recently in the earthquakes there.   There were so many whose eyes were opened and saw the dead walking about. And see that which occurs, for so many are taking their own lives in this time for the lack of the ability to deal or cope with seeing dead walking about. For these, there is not the ability then to come back to the earth plane, or there has been the eyes opened and these found themselves on the plane of the inter-between.

Now understand the reason then, that there has been so much secretiveness about the opening of the chakras, or third eye, from these records, from the mediums that have come, from those people who have attempted to explain for the spiritual development. So much caution has been taken of the gurus, the masters, those given for purposes of teaching on this plane, that would safeguard you.

For understand that which occurs, for in the sudden opening of those chakras of the physical body, there is more than can be received.  If this trance channel, through which we speak were able to maintain the waking state and see all that he would see in this moment or be aware of so many who are gathered around as if in light in this moment, that mind would not be able to accept it.  Hence, he is protected by removing the consciousness and going into trance.

Now if any one of you in this moment were to suddenly open that of the third eye or become aware of all those spirits, the nature, those things that occur about the life that is in the atmosphere about you, you would not be able to cope with the understanding, with the realization of it.  So that there would be the violence within, the confusion, the loss of sanity. It has occurred so often in those that you treat here, for the insanity. If there only were the closing, the shutting down of such sight and returning with the physical body, to deal with the physical world or that that yon call reality. Then understand the foolishness of those about you who come so often before these records asking how can I develop the chakras?  How could I open this third eye and be aware of all that exists about?

Date: 8/21/73

1994, Paul Solomon Foundation

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