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"Description of the Earth Changes - 2"

They have already begun. You have found them moving from the south of your area as far south as the West coast of the southern continent of South America and moving upwards toward the pole. As these move then upwards or northwards they will increase in both intensity and frequency. We will find such a tenacious equilibrium that suddenly there will be quite an alteration in the surface there, with most of the area of the west for several hundred miles inland disappearing totally below the waters.

Now from this time to that, we will find some tremors and some damage from time to time, here and there loss of life, not so great a change as in that time. The combined effects of the tenacious equilibrium and the loosening, or the effects of repeated smaller tremors, combined with the excessive magnetism of the conjunction of the planets, the eclipsing of one by the other all lining up before the sun, these together will produce an imbalance and a shifting of crust of the Earth that will be felt in the table out-lying the regions of all the continents, both the east and the west of this continent (North America) as well as others.

Japan will disappear at that time.  You will find the waters in the Atlantic and the Pacific giving birth to new places, new continents, that are in effect the old ones returning again to see the latter days. You will find glories and riches beyond that you dared to dream of these places, but not so much as you consider of value in this time other than the revealing of the laws and the manners and the methods of understanding of those people, their growth as well as their errors. And if you could have with that you have learned, the technology in this day, the technology of that marrying these together, you will have an understanding of life beyond that ever accomplished on the planet Earth. It will place a great deal of responsibility upon all men living in that time, the use of those energies and laws as will be discovered.

Now the effect then for those of your area (Los Angeles), those particularly informed as the frequency and intensity begin to increase, they will in all wisdom then relocate, but spiritually understanding the implications, not moving away in fear or running from the changes in Earth but rather understanding the purposes. Seeing as it were that the Earth is entering into labor, looking forward to the day when she shall deliver a new son, the birth of a new son, the birth of a new age, the dawning of new understanding, the return of the Prince of Peace, and the entry of the time of peace.

See it as spiritual awakening and rejoice with every tremor and every change as prospective parents rejoice with every convulsion of labor as it comes looking forward to the birth of a child. See it in this manner and you will serve it in the way it should come.

This is sufficient for this study at present.

We are through.

Date: 7/8/75

1994, Paul Solomon Foundation

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