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The Paul Solomon
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the Early Prophecies from
1972 - 1976

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"Will I Witness the Final Destruction of the Planet Earth
in this Lifetime?"

Source:  The complete and final destruction of this planet, as you see it, would not come within this lifetime for there will be other major changes and higher manifestations. There will be alterations, there will be evolutionay processes, the changing of the Earth, as you know it.  However, this one will return to the Earth sphere to witness these differences, the new heightened levels of mankind, the new sub-race, as it appears.

Now we find the awareness of this time, that even those on this Earth will see those times that even the Earth underneath your feet would seem unstable. You will see the Earth breaking open as its crust would shift and move.  There will be the noxious gases coming to the surface, the entire atmoshpere will smell of the su1fur fumes.  Much of the plant life will be taken  from the world and the majority of life as you know it will be taken, will be destroyed, will be changed into other forms.

Those things that have come as the more horrible predictions would be realized as coming as evolutionary process on this sphere. Those who have attuned to these purposes will be given charge of the reshaping, the forming, the revitalizing of this planet.

There will be the few that will be led, as if by hand, to the one or two places on this sphere that will be given as protection.  There are those of God who are becoming aware of their role in this relationship even in this day.  This mere handful will repopulate the planet on a higher level. This will be the beginning then of the new root-race, the raising of all that is to a higher level of awareness.

December 4, 1972

1994, Paul Solomon Foundation

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